Just Cause 3: Radio announcer free – is that possible?

Do you have a settlement freed in Just Cause 3, you hear either a rebel who informed of your heroic deeds, or later a radio announcer from di Ravello's ranks. Especially the speaker has done it with his witty radio announcements of the Just Cause fan base. Can you rescue him?

Did you know that the radio announcer in Just Cause 3 in the original by none other than David Tenannt is spoken, which you presumably from Dr. Who or villain knows Jessica Jones? for only the actor's performance in the latter, it is your duty to the poor, but also crazy to free radio announcer. But unfortunately that is not possible. There are some Reddit threads that deal with this topic &# 8211; have ready and witty solutions. However, you can not the radio announcer free!

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Just Cause 3: Long Dive over the world

free the radio announcer? Good idea, but does not work!

You have freed a settlement or military posts and hear again how sad the radio announcer is? Now and then he gives you even evidence &# 8211; for example, where it is held. It is about a underground cave in the depths Medicis. Many players have scoured the islands, but unfortunately found nothing. We also need to raise their hands: The radio speaker will be so lost, unfortunately, forever.

The tenth Doctor Dr. Who is secretly imprisoned in the bunker from the Medici.

The tenth Doctor Dr. Who is secretly imprisoned in the bunker from the Medici.

Shortly after the game was released, it was rumored that the Radio announcer is at the Boom Island. Installed her Just Cause 3, you can already once on this island in the southwest of the tropical paradise. Much more than a Austobe platform, it is not, because here no missions take place. There is also no collectibles or whatever. The radio announcer was not seen again.

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Other players, report it to the radio announcer in a container in &# 8220; Bavarium Sea Heist&# 8221; -DLC should have heard. Also we can not verify. Do you want to Just Cause 3 not switch to English and play again, you can see in the following video all announcements from the charming David Tennant:

So, unfortunately, you can not rid David Tennant. There are some ways and means, which are described in Forums &# 8211; But believe us, we tried everything. It is no way to rid the radio announcer. Should you nevertheless have found a way, we are happy about a comment &# 8211; and of course a video evidence. Better safe than sorry!

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