Android 7.0 nougat: Release and Features – Which features the update brings?

Android 7.0 nougat is Google's new operating system for smartphones and tablets. The successor to Android 6.0 Marshmallow wants to extend battery life and make multitasking Mobile-capable. The final release of Android 7.0 nougat is already published. But what are the Sparks Onen? Here you can find the information. Android 7.0 nougat: The new features […]

LG G Flex 2: Official Wallpaper to download

With the LG G Flex 2, the South Korean manufacturer LG presents us not only be curved smartphone with a full HD screen, but also provides for P-OLED display unit matching wallpaper, which are to accompany the bold colors of the screen. The pictures all have a resolution of 1,920 x 2,160 and should so […]

This can Bixby Voice: Impressive videos show wizard in action

"Hi Bixby, what can you really?" Shortly after the official start of Bixby voice in the US will now begin Samsung promo campaign. We show you the four new videos in which Bixby reveals its potential. Source: Samsung Smart Life After the beta period with over 100,000 subscribers, the digital assistant from Samsung is finally […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: With these settings, it works

Fast, it will be faster! The Samsung Galaxy S4 with its 1.6GHz quad-core processor and its 2GB of RAM, although already a pretty fast smartphone. But you can make the device even more quickly with a few settings. We show you what you must do exactly her for it. Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: How […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life – The you should know

With the Galaxy S4 Samsung currently has one of the most powerful and most popular smartphones on the market. The heart of any smart phones is the battery. Like the Samsung Galaxy S4 is reflected in the battery life and what to do with the battery, learn it here. Unlike the devices from Apple you […]

Huawei P9: At Saturn and Media Markt already in stock

Just last week, the Huawei was introduced in London P9 and from April 21, it is loud VMALL the official online store of the manufacturer, be available in this country. The two German retailers Saturn and Media Markt is Huawei's newest top model but already in stock and can be ordered already apparently. Actually, the […]

Android: Enable background data – how it works

Will you visit the Google Play Store to download new apps, it may happen that the Play Store displays "Background data disabled" and are denied access. To be able to provide with new apps and more, you must therefore turn on background data. Depending on your Android device and version is the way you can […]

Enable USB debugging (Android) – frame by frame

Enable USB debugging &# 8211; Step 3: About device Jonas Wekenborg on 12/09/2014 at 10:51 PM 5 10 Enable USB debugging &# 8211; Step 3: Here you can find all the important information and technical details of your smartphone Enable USB debugging &# 8211; Step 3: In addition to the Android version that is installed […]

134,000 points! Nvidia Shield Tablet X1 beyond AnTuTu benchmark [rumor]

That Nvidia is able to put together powerful gaming hardware, is known. But what the coming Shield Tablet X1 could provide in terms of performance, completely opens up new performance horizons: Although the rumors on the release of the cars are still quite nebulous, but shines the tablet after a flying visit in GFXBench now […]

Top 5: The best selfie smartphones

Selfies are all the rage, at least since Ellen Degeneres legendary Oscar Selfie self-portraits are also arrived in the mainstream. But which phones are best to leave special impression on Instagram and Co.? We present five mobile Selfie specialists.  Long selfies have left the sleazy corner of C-list celebrities and have become socially acceptable. Even […]

94% solutions to level 210 (Update July 2016)

Aloha-he! Hawaii is a small, yet well-known part of the world. What do you notice one to the region, except Hula and palm trees? Slightly less sunny it comes to the animals. Nocturnal animals are owls, bats and what else? Something that one associates with Hawaii Aloha flowers Hula island Palm trees Sun Beach surfing […]