New Nintendo 2DS XL: announced new handheld

Nintendo has unveiled yesterday night a new hand Heroes: The New Nintendo 2DS XL is oriented with its design clearly on 3DS Xl and benefits from a wide range of games. A release date, there are already. 6576 The New Nintendo 2DS XL Nintendo did not appear exaggerated, as it announced last October that the […]

YouTube: LeFloid looks worried, but hopeful about the future

The video producer LeFloid has criticized such as a few weeks ago in a video on YouTube current developments little traceable advertising policies. In an interview he has, meanwhile, expressed concern over the apparently problematic course and brought his hope that the operators current mistakes and problems recognized in time. 4006 Introducing YouTube Gaming The […]

Fallout 4: The Pip-Boy app is available for iOS and Android

Fallout 4 will be released soon and as often is customary these days, there will also be a suitable companion app to do so. This goes by the name Fallout Pip-Boy and it is now available for iOS and Android. 37347 Character System Fallout 4 Bethesda has only recently the app called Fallout C.H.A.T. published […]

Hyrule: Total War – the war also continues next Zelda

In Hyrule there is a war, in addition to the dungeon adventures of Link, Zelda constantly trying to save the. which was really lit so far but not yet by Nintendo &# 8211; but fortunately there is a mod which takes that and runs on Medieval 2: Total War &# 8211; huge war battles are […]

Pokémon: Red, blue and yellow come to eShop

You absolutely want to play again the blue, yellow and red edition of Pokémon - but have no old Gameboy more handy? This is soon no longer a problem, because the classics come to the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. 12015 Pokemon Red Blue Yellow eShop As part of the current Nintendo Direct output, the […]

The Last of Us: Tips and Tricks

The Last of Us is already one of the hot candidates for the title "Game of the Year" and is one of the reasons that it is not easy - a real survival title with many gruesome elements, heavy bodies and low stockpiles. So you can better extend the helping Joel and Ellie in their […]

Hotel Giant play – GIGA

The strategy game Hotel giant is an elaborate 3-D structure of simulation of the manufacturer Jowood. Players have the task of building the perfect hotel. The game was developed for the platform Windows 98th It should give the game easily accessible even players who entered with simulations territory. This is achieved with the in-game tutorial […]

Call of Duty – Black Ops 3: unlock levels and new weapons

Also this fall Activision sends you back to a shooter adventure. Call of Duty - Black Ops 3 comes with a decked out story, but the main focus as usual on the multiplayer part. So you do not have to regularly watch the death screen, we show you how in Call of Duty - Black […]

Altis Life: Tips and tricks to making money and more

With Altis Life there is a mod that will like DayZ provide for ArmA 2 for a long-term game fun with the game from the house of Bohemia Interactive's ArmA third Unlike DayZ you have however not dealing here with undead and are not a soldier, as in the main game, but need you as […]

Fatal Frame 5: The new trailer for the horror spectacle is there

Shortly Project Zero appears: Priestess of the black water for the Wii U. If you can not wait, there is now the new trailer that will put you in fear and terror.   27 Project Zero priestess of black water In this horror games worth the wait! Halloween is coming up. If you organized a […]

Lost Ember: This game lets you slip into the skin of each animal

Lost Ember was able to draw attention to themselves at the German Computer Game Prize. Now the declaration of love to explore fantastic worlds with a new trailer on Kickstarter presented. 674 Lost Ember - Story Teaser For two years now Lost Ember is the Hamburg developer Mooneye Studios in development. In the game You're […]

Ryse 2: Successor comes only when the Xbox One sold better

The German development studio Crytek it was in the last weeks and months haywire. In an interview with our colleagues at Euro Gamer CEO Cevat Yerli told now that a successor to the Xbox One game Ryse was indeed planned, it will still be long in coming. Just yesterday we reported that Crytek the Xbox […]