Microsoft HoloLens – holograms with Windows 10

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 113.0 description Not only is Facebook with the Oculus Rift on VR and AR, and Microsoft launched before early 2015, the HoloLens, is set to revolutionize especially augmented reality in their own home. The end of January, Microsoft has introduced the HoloLens. Along with a new version of Windows 10. So there […]

AirPrint in iOS 10 with PDF storage

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 153.0 description AirPrint Apple allows you to print documents from iOS devices - without complicated settings or installing a driver. With iOS 10 Apple extends the functionality. AirPrint is an interface between the printer and iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is integrated in the operating system iOS, many apps they support. […]

Spyder 4 – Complete info at GIGA

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 0.0 description Spyder4 is a solution for monitor calibration, which is available in three versions: Express, Pro and Elite. Especially for creative professionals and photographers developed, the device measures the values ​​of monitors and calibrates them. With Spyder4 not only monitors and laptops can be calibrated, the device is also suitable for […]

Snapdragon 410: Qualcomm provides its first and cheap 64-bit processor for mobile devices from

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 42.0 description Qualcomm makes again attention. After the company from San Diego is currently represented in terms of processor in almost all high-end smartphones, the development continues diligently. Having thus presented recently the Snapdragon 805, now the first 64-bit processor for mobile devices follows. Not only does the Snapdragon 410 is the […]

Apple Lightning – Complete info at GIGA

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 92.0 description Lightning is the connection to the iOS devices from iPhone 5 and iPad 4. It replaces the 30-pin dock connector. In terms of handling and performance, it offers a significant advance on previous model. The Lightning connector is small and flat, and therefore allows the use in a sleek iPod […]

Google Cardboard: The virtual reality goggles made of cardboard

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 103.0 description Anyone wanting to experience virtual reality has, to not necessarily rely on the slightly more expensive Oculus Rift. Much cheaper, the rationale is also using the Google Cardboard.  Virtual Reality is the next logical step in the field of smartphones. Applications and services have been available for quite some time, […]

Razer Nabu X: Smart Band with LED notification, Tracker and contact search – Complete info at GIGA

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: Buy on Amazon description Nabu X is a "smart strip" of Razer, which unlike traditional fitness trackers focuses on social functions stronger. Fits to the manufacturer offers a launch offer: two devices for the price of one. Razer is known as a manufacturer of powerful PC accessories designed specifically for gamers. Now, […]

LG G Watch R: round smartwatch officially presented

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 122.0 description With the LG G Watch R LG Electronics has unveiled its surprising circular SmartWatch with Android Wear to the public on this day. Originally, the presentation of the data clock until the IFA 2014 was expected. Present thereon Event we will LG G Watch R but can first take a […]

Jawbone UP3: The Fitness Tracker with even more features

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 583.0 description With the UP3 the company Jawbone now delivers his third fitness tracker. And how it is with new models almost always the case, there are also here to discover some new functions and features. 12205 UP3 by Jawbone Already with the first UP and later the UP24 Jawbone presented to […]

LG announces Google smart watch “G Watch” at – Complete info at GIGA

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 112.0 description Coinciding with the launch of the smart watch operating system "Android Wear", LG announced the Google "G Watch" produced at. This course also relies on the operating system. Technical specifications processor Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 400 with 1.2GHz system Android Wear (compatible with Android 4.3+) display 1.65&# 8243; IPS LCD battery […]

Amazon Fire TV (2015): price, technical data, photos

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: description With the new generation of the Fire TV Amazon reinforced his need into the living room. The Fire TV (2015) is a solid upgrade compared to its predecessor and can, among other things with the playback of 4K content, a microSD slot for expanding the memory and a faster processor score.  […]