Android L Keyboard (APK Download) – Android App

description Once the app Android L Keyboard has now been removed from the Play Store, you've got to use the keyboard for Google's new operating system downloaded as APK. But this is not a problem, because we have the app as a free download on offer. Android L Keyboard for Android 4.x The keyboard of […]

Flashlight – Tiny Flashlight APK – Android App

description flashlight &# 8211; Tiny Flashlight is a very popular flashlight app for Android. but the application does not only control the photo light or the flash, but has more on the box. Here you get the APK file for download. flashlight &# 8211; Tiny Flashlight APK for Android Like all other apps also uses […]

Google Keyboard – Android App

description This APK you invite you the Google Keyboard the Nexus models on your Android smartphone or tablet down. The official Google keyboard currently dominates 26 languages, can auto-complete and corrected on request your word creations until they appear correctly. As usual, Google Keyboard speculates word suggestions for what you want to write, and displays […]

SideSync APK Download

description With the SideSync APK to smartphones or tablets from Samsung and the PC can be connected quickly and easily. The key: If the devices are synchronized, can be controlled from the computer, the mobile companion. We have the APK file for download for you. To use the application in full, but the appropriate tool […]

MyPhoneExplorer Client APK Download

description Gone are the days of the annoying cable connections: MyPhoneExplorer Client combines the smartphone on the common WiFi interface with notebook and PC. Gained enables move data, photos and contacts between the two units comfortable.  We have the APK file of the app for manual download for you. Who strikes can look forward to […]

Root Explorer: File Manager APK viewer – Android App

description With the Root Explorer for Android not only APK files can be viewed and made with a rooted Android smartphone or tablet degrees of intervention in the system but also access the content of cloud providers like Dropbox and Google Drive. The "Root Explorer" you get full access to the file system on Android […]

PokeDetector APK Download

description In the shadow of Pokémon GO countless third parties have the Play Store flooded with additional apps to help you become an even more successful coach. This includes the PokeDetector APK, can the download you free of charge. Who plays Pokémon GO familiar with the dilemma: Even when traveling, it is not always easy […]

Redefined Mobile Search: Google Now

description One of the great new features of Android 4.1 "Jelly Bean" is the alert Google Now. Based on the Google Knowledge Graph and linked to information that Google collects from the user, the function provides the user with personalized and location-based information, processed nicely on the Android smartphone. Operating principle of Google Now Google […]

SatFinder – Android App

description Anyone who has ever had to align a satellite dish itself, will have spent a good part of his time with cursing. And automatic searches, and the performance indicators of the receiver are of no help. But an app like SatFinder can help! To see if you have turned his satellite dish in the […]