Chromecast iPhone Apps per iPad und in der Übersicht

Seit einigen Tagen ist der kleine Streaming Stick-von Google Chromecast verfügbar in Deutschland. Insbesondre von der günstige Preis nur 35 Euro * verführt zum Kauf schnellen. Doch Welche iPhone Apps per iPad und heute schon unterstützen Chromecast? Zugegeben: Eine Alternative zu Apple TV ausgewachsene ist google Chromecast Nur bedingt. Zu diesem Schluss kamen wir bereits […]

Rohos Mini Drive Download

Rohos Mini Drive lays on a USB flash drive to a hidden and encrypted partition that can be opened with the correct password. The freeware may invest up to 8 GB partitions. On the USB flash drive Rohos Mini Drive creates a region that is encrypted by AERS256 standard. It can be integrated into any […]

The Division: Day One Patch – All changes in detail

The developers of The Division have learned from the impressions of the beta and publish the official launch a comprehensive day one patch, which makes numerous improvements and changes to the game mechanics. We show you all the changes of the Day One patch in detail. Video: The Division - Our preliminary test 166448 The […]

Ingenious, but chance: This 7 smartphones were never allowed to appear

4. Symetium: Smartphone PC without compromise Tuan Le on 21/01/2016 at 16:19 4 of 8 It was just too good to be true: The Symetium smartphone shone with a stunning industrial design and an equally impressive specification list. Up to 256 GB of internal memory, which was extended via microSD, 6GB of RAM, a Snapdragon […]

Google Assistant vs. Alexa: Who is smarter?

Speakers with language assistants such as Amazon and Google Echo Home help is already on in many living rooms with everyday issues. The two devices have now been subjected to an extensive test with 3,000 questions. The result can look old Alexa. So far, Amazon has collected the laurels in the market of smart speakers […]

WhatsApp: filter on photos & amp; apply videos

In WhatsApp you can apply to photos taken different color filters. We show you how. 146423 WhatsApp: insert Emoji in photos The WhatsApp filters work so far only in iOS. Android will obtain the function a little later. We use the beta version 2.17.219 and there she was not to be found. WhatsApp: filter on […]

Lightning to HDMI adapter: ARM chip and memory in the plug

Apple Lightning to Digital AV / HDMI adapter is comparatively expensive at 49 euros. But in the adapter is far more technology than you might think at first glance: Apple has built an ARM chip and even 256 megabytes of RAM in the adapter. The picture quality, however, does not help; on the contrary. The […]

Vodafone Contract renewal: how it works

You want to make a Vodafone contract extension, because you are a satisfied customer? Moreover, their attractive terms would like to use that apply only when the contract extension? This conduct is quite simple. Here you learn how to do it and in what types of benefit can look forward ye. 54328 Vodafone: The future […]

export images from iPhoto: 3 paths to the goal

How to export photos from iPhoto on the Mac? There are three different ways - a little tip: Export first images from iPhoto with "providing" Apple offers in iPhoto for OS X official export function. It is found in the lower right software and is called "providing." Here we find: order prints Twitter flickr Facebook […]

Dust 514 – November 2017 – Complete info at GIGA

Dust 514 The developer and publisher CCP Games, better known as the creators of the successful online role-playing game &# 8220; Eve-Online&# 8221; knows how to sell yourself. No, E3 2011 is not about just about EVE itself, but a very special branch in the EVE setting, which is likely to come exclusively for Playstation […]

Clash of Clans pig riders in action: attacking and defending

With Clash of Clans developers Supercell have landed a strategy game hit, which enjoys a growing enthusiasm in the gaming community. An important element to get to the top of the best, is in addition to good preparation and the correct use of the troops. The pig Rider is an excellent choice and here you […]

Twitch acquisition: Amazon buys Twitch for nearly one billion US dollars

Once there were rumors about a takeover of the streaming provider Twitch repeatedly in the past, there is now but one. Only not by Google, as previously rumored. Years ago, just three Twitch was founded, today is the Service gamers the number one in terms of gaming streams, not least thanks to the official partnership […]

Dragon Quest X: release period for PS4 & amp; Switch known

Dragon Quest X is now available for the Wii in Japan for over 4 years. Square Enix announced now known to release time for the port to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch &# 8211; Hope for an appearance in the West?  53 Dragon Quest X - Version 3.5 Trailer   While Dragon Quest X has […]