In 80 days around the world play – GIGA

Pack your bags, because in the match-3 game in 80 days around the world to new world tour! The year is 1872 and it is to win a bet. For that you have in England, France, Egypt, China, Japan and zusammenpuzzeln items in the USA. Not an easy task. On the puzzle game in 80 […]

LG V10: Successor coming later this quarter

The LG G5 fell far short of expectations in terms of sales. Now the hopes of the successor to the LG V10, which will be released in the third quarter of 2016 according to official figures of the company are. Yesterday LG announced the disappointing results of the second quarter. The company suffered large losses […]

Mario Kart 8: Tips, Tricks and Easter Eggs

The radio channel on Toads circuit can be received via the 64 MHz frequency. Coincidentally, the track first appeared also in the N64 version of Mario Kart. Special Cup, clouds street: there is to see a question mark block on which you have to land shortly before the end of the track. Connoisseurs of Super […]

Sex, taboos and Kotztüten: 8 films where the audience has left the theater

Currently it is an inflated, constantly farting drowned body with a corpse rigid erection. . The reasons why people leave the cinema hall before the end of the film, are as diverse as cinema itself taboo, provocation, perversion, escalation, Boredom, inaccessibility - some movies make their viewers so severely tested that some simply need kleinbeigeben. […]

Windows 10 case Creators Update: Force download and installation

Since last week, Windows 10 users can install the case Creators update. Because Microsoft update through Windows Update but only in phases spread, you can read our article, what options do you have to force download and install the update. What new features the Windows 10 case Creators Update includes the version number 1709, you […]

Idealo price comparison: Save more with all the features of this page

Idealo price comparison is a powerful tool for all bargain hunters and bargain hunters. Besides the usual Vegleichen of consumer goods, the price comparison site also offers travel and hotel price comparisons. In this guide, we'll show you what features still the site offers and how you can use to your advantage. Idealo is one […]

Deezer: cost per month for the Music Unlimited (PC, iPhone, Android)

With Deezer another provider attempts to put his foot in the door of the music-streaming services. The musical repertoire has to deal with 30 million titles in no way ahead of the competition out of the house hide Spotify. Find out here what costs Deezer brings. As with Spotify also three different models to choose […]

Unlock TEK-engrams and crafting: Survival Evolved – ARK

ARK: Survival Evolved will be epic and particularly futuristic. For those who are still looking for a job in the end-game, can crafting strong equipment with the free TEK-tier update. What you need to and what should you not know this, you learn in this article. With the update for ARK: Survival Evolved now come […]

Gmail: Where is the archive and how to use it?

The archiving feature of Gmail is a handy way to keep his inbox clear and clean, without classify the mails directly and having to move to specific folders. Often, the function itself will be confused with the label function, which can lead to confusion. How you get your news can archive under Gmail and wherever […]

Setting up Notification Center with notifications: Jodel

Yodel is now protected by the so-called Notification Center: This, you will be informed by notification when someone has replied to your yodel or there are new user reviews for yodeling, which follows her. We show you how it works and how you reach the Notification Center in yodelling. 8200 Jodel - This can the […]