use DAZN on Apple TV: So klappts

What Netflix is ​​for series Friends, DAZN is for sports fans. you get access to numerous live sports broadcasts through the online service. About 9 months after the launch of the sports-streaming service, you can now use has Apple TV DAZN. Piece by piece, the provider extends the number of platforms on which DAZN can […]

Adobe Flash Player alternatives – Is there a replacement? – GIGA

The Flash Player from Adobe is still the undisputed standard in the web when it comes to interactive media. Anyone wanting to use animated content, comes to the Adobe Flash Player Download hardly around. Nevertheless, there are some technologies in the wings that could replace the proprietary Flash Player in the future. The predominance of […]

Vodafone Order: all information

You have any concerns about your Vodafone-order? Do you want to interrogate him, there is this a problem or want her to know what the different statuses mean? All important information can be found in this article. 54326 Vodafone: The future is 5G Check Vodafone Order: Smartphone, Tablet & equipment Click on the link below […]

Google Maps Timeline: deactivate and delete motion profile

In late July led Google with the timeline a new feature in Google Maps, which again is a complete motion profile and a location history. So can check where one has been everywhere with a smartphone, including GPS and Google Maps lately. Who would not want to use this service, you can turn off Google […]

Top Spin 4 play – GIGA

Actually, you should indeed stop when it is most beautiful. Top Spin 3 was without question the best ever next-gen tennis simulation. What is yet to come? This serious question also 2K Czech had to face when they with the development of Top Spin 4 started for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation third The […]

Feud Stream: Where to stream the series?

Since 05 March 2017, the first season of the US series Feud will be broadcast on the American station FX. How and where you can already watch the show now, we tell you in this article. Feud is another anthology series American Horror Story creators Ryan Murphy. On board he has this time also brought […]

Join Germany Card: gather up and points – Here’s

With the bonus program of Germany Card you can at the net, shop Hammer and other partners, earn points and they can charge at the box office or exchange them for rewards. Among the participating partners include more than 350 online stores. We'll tell you here, how can register their your Germany card. Buy at […]

Chromecast apps for iPhone and iPad in the overview

For several days the small streaming stick Chromecast from Google in Germany is available. Insbesondre the reasonable price of only 35 euros * entices you to quick purchase. But what apps for iPhone and iPad today support Chromecast? Granted: An adult alternative to Apple TV Google Chromecast limited. This is the conclusion we came already […]

Word: Sort text alphabetically: Simple

Sometimes you have to Word text alphabetically, for example, if you create an address list or want to sort a text with individual list items alphabetically. In Word that is not particularly complicated to happiness: In the following guide, we show you how you can sort a Word text with a few clicks alphabetically. Sort […]

fre: ac Download

With the fre: ac download you get a free audio converter and ripper, which supports a variety of file formats for both functions and was known under the name BonkEnc before. Of the fre: ac Download supports MP3, MP4 / M4A, WMA, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, WAV and Bonk. The program is sending you, for […]

Download Access Templates

Order Management for small businesses and craft businesses The software was developed AVP6 to small businesses and craft enterprises to enable easy and quick creation of quotes and invoices .. requires that at least Microsoft Access 2010 on the .. to download

Reinhard Mey: Guitare notes à plus de 200 chansons à télécharger gratuitement

&# 8220; au-dessus des nuages&# 8221; probablement tout le monde le sait, il a été longtemps commune et une partie de chaque jeunes recueils de chants. Il est juste un de plusieurs centaines de chansons que le chanteur-compositeur-interprète Reinhard Mey (né en 1942) a fait jusqu'à présent et le fait encore. En mai est son […]