Path of Exile

The alleged killer Diablo Path of Exile comes from the New Zealand development studio Grinding Gear Games. Have not heard? Then it's time you have&# 8217; s which is to fit it. 7781 Path of Exile - GIGA Gameplay Path of Exile If you like lootet monsters for gold, rumfummelt in skill tree and draws […]

use AirPlay with Android: stream movies and music

With AirPlay, Apple provides a way media from iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone, but also Mac OS X on devices such. to stream as speakers and TV. With an AirPlay connection for you can. Play as music from the iPhone via a loudspeaker without the clutter of wires in the living room. During […]

MySearchDial virus remove them from the browser

A variety of Internet users have already experienced it: As you load a really reputable software from the Internet, open the browser after some time new and suddenly sees the Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome completely changed from. At fault are browser hijackers like MySearch Dial. MySearch Dial the browser home page changed […]

10 Windows: Uploading updates disable – Here’s

Windows 10 downloads updates by default via peer-to-peer to the Internet high and sends it to other computers, which can then install the Windows updates also. So Microsoft probably wants to save his update server among others. We show how you disable uploading updates to the Internet in Windows 10th 37626 10 reasons to upgrade […]

restore the library to the iTunes XML library file

iTunes stores the information on the personal library in the file "iTunes Library.itl". In the same folder to the "iTunes Library.xml" file found. This contains not only useful for third party programs information about the library and the data that are required for a restoration of "iTunes Library.itl" file. As such restoration with the iTunes […]

Bloodborne: The control in the gameplay trailer

The new gameplay trailer for Blood Borne explains you really meticulously how the control works. Although so far understand neither English or German, but still you should all &# 8211; especially when their experiences have you done with Dark Souls. Did you know that if you use the left stick to move your character? And […]

Wileyfox Swift in review: Cyanogen smartphone for 170 €

How much a good smartphone must cost at least? 400 euros? 300 Euro? 200 euros? The Wileyfox Swift is in our test to prove that it is even cheaper: With a street price of around 170 euros it says Moto G and the likes to fight and can be highlighted by a number of unique […]

Samsung Galaxy S6: Many new themes in the store available

The new theme engine of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the most exciting software features of the upcoming flagships: Finally, the user can thus customize the look of the TouchWiz user interface according to your own ideas. To provide even more options, Samsung is currently expanding the selection […]

4 blocks Season 2: TNT has already concrete plans for the second season

The first season of "four blocks" has been running since the beginning of May 2017 the pay-TV channel "TNT series", but the Neukölln clan series made even before that for neat vortex: At the Berlinale and the TV festival Séries Mania Paris reaped the series raging applause. Inspired by the positive response, the media company […]

Charging iTunes balance: how it works online and via PayPal

About iTunes you can not only your iPad or iPhone with new songs and movies fit, but your media library at home fill up with many new blockbuster movies, favorite songs, new apps and more. Will you not pay by credit card in Apple's media goals can, charge your iTunes your balances and pay next […]

Winyl Download – November 2017 – GIGA

More downloads are available: Winyl is a competitive freeware audio player with some really handy features and an attractive appearance. We can use it to manage not only our audio files, but also listen to Internet radio stations. From the amount of the MP3 player to the free program takes off Winyl pleasant. On the […]

eBay: Unsubscribe Newsletter – Here’s how

eBay regularly sends promotional newsletters to its members. If you annoy eBay newsletter, you can unsubscribe them as follows. eBay: unsubscribe Newsletter Opens the Notification Settings on eBay *. Logs you, if necessary. Scroll all the way down to the section Newsletter, advertising and surveys. Click on the link fade in. Removes all subscriptions and […]

GMX – Complete info at GIGA

Products and items to GMX If you want to manage the emails of your GMX-mail via Outlook, Thunderbird, K-9 Mail or similar e-mail programs, you have to initially GMX receiving via POP3 and IMAP activate. Exactly how this works, we will tell you the following ...

Download Forklift Simulator Demo

Of the fork-lift truck-simulator 2009 puts you in the role of a fork-lift truckdriver's and can take you to the detailed and true to the original vehicles place .. In the simulation Gabelstabler simulator 2009 is off .. simulation. With the fork-lift truck-simulator 2009 you experience .. to download