Code Vein: So blatant is the brutal Bandai-Namco RPG look

Now it has been officially confirmed by Bandai Namco: The new Japan-RPG called Code Vein and will be a mix of dark fantasy and hard action. How well the vampire-like revenants actually look in the game, we have put together for you. 2046 #PrepareToDine trailer What we have you been reported in an update yesterday, […]

The high boot – Goodbye Deponia Walkthrough – GIGA

      After the departure, we order the Organon that they should stand still. We go to the right and into the elevator - the Organon here behave a bit strange. We press lever, hold for a short time and confirm that we are right here - but the whole thing was a trap […]

Virtual Reality: Independent Oculus Go headset, strong price reduction

Virtual Reality is Finally Affordable! Mark Zuckerberg introduced the stand-alone headset Oculus Go. In addition, the Oculus Rift will be greatly reduced in price. With this trailer Go Oculus was presented: 463 Desert Go - Trailer Virtual reality inspired countless gamers who can afford technology but so far hardly anyone. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has […]

Download Linux Manual German PDF

The free download version of the 1000-page professionalManuals the popular Linux-Distribution .. Manual by Marcus .. part of the tools of Linux-Beginners like the Insider .. depths of the GNU / Linux-World. The current .. the upgrade of the proven Linux-Distribution besides desktop PCs and .. to download

PDF Eraser Pro full version free download

Until September 15, you have the option to download the PDF Eraser Pro program as freeware at GIGA software. PDF Eraser Pro is an application that can delete as their text, images, logos and other objects in PDF documents. Therefore, the software is perfect, if you delete some content of a PDF document and want […]

Mail from Targobank: Beware of phishing scams!

Again a mail for the trash: a recent phishing attack directed this time against telephone banking customers Targobank, are their credentials and PINs in the center of interest of Internet fraudsters. With the subject &# 8220; Update your Targobank account&# 8221; or &# 8220; confirmation of their personal information is required&# 8221; the sender of […]

Device Manager: XP – so you find him

The XP Device Manager shows you the status of the devices of your system and its drivers - so the software that enables communication between Windows and hardware. In addition, you can fix problems with the hardware, change their settings, look for updated drivers and install them with his help. Want to open their Device […]

Eye color change with Photoshop, program or app

Anyone who has ever wanted to make sure one but blue or green eyes would be better, at least do the test quickly on a PC or smartphone. Below you learn how you can change the eye color in Photoshop or which app helps you going to miss your eyes a new brilliance. Unlike the […]

Battlefield 1: Weapons list plus best weapon and unlock Hummingbird

Battlefield 1 Weapon List: Model 10-A (ball) Christopher Bahner on 10/02/2017 at 11:50 2 of 123 Arms in Battlefield 1: Model 10-A (ball) Class: Assault Class Required Rank: 3 Costs (war bonds): 200 weapons attributes Damage: 88 Accuracy: 33 Hüftfeuer: 67 Control: 35 Rate of fire: 78 Ammo: 6/24 Pump action Caliber 12. Extremely deadly at close […]

The 5 best Wii U games in 2014, or “All exclusive title”

You have a Wii U and do not know what you should do with it? Before her she turned in desperation to a toaster, you should take a better look at this product. Get to know namely the best &# 8211; and single exclusive title before the year. We also place you quite charming eShop […]

YouTV: Free app for iPhone, iPad and Android

description YouTV takes the TV program and makes it accessible through apps - an idea of ​​the service can be found here: YouTV: Online TV Recorder and library. Download the YouTV app for iPhone & iPad download QR code YouTV - TV and TV, nPVR Developer: Netlantic GmbH * Price: Free Download the YouTV app […]

rule 34 on Reddit and Paheal: meaning and origin of Schmuddelbildchen

The Rule 34 is among the Internet Rules, the Internet rules, particularly popular. Korpulierendes fruit, game, movie, comic and anime characters in explicit poses - nothing is spared from the Rule 34th On Reddit and Paheal there are numerous Memes and animations to Game of Thrones, My Little Pony, Diablo 1, Doom 3, Battlefield and […]