Fleksy Keyboard: Fastest On screen keyboard in the world

description Fleksy was awarded recently and is in the Guinness Book of Records: the app, making it the fastest software keyboard for smartphones in the world! 4356 Fleksy keyboard breaks the world record guinnes Many developers rack their brains about an ideal on-screen keyboard: It is now especially the "swiping" a popular way to write […]

The Last of Us: Tips and Tricks

The Last of Us is already one of the hot candidates for the title "Game of the Year" and is one of the reasons that it is not easy - a real survival title with many gruesome elements, heavy bodies and low stockpiles. So you can better extend the helping Joel and Ellie in their […]

Pokémon: Red, blue and yellow come to eShop

You absolutely want to play again the blue, yellow and red edition of Pokémon - but have no old Gameboy more handy? This is soon no longer a problem, because the classics come to the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS. 12015 Pokemon Red Blue Yellow eShop As part of the current Nintendo Direct output, the […]

Facebook Blocker for Firefox Download – November 2017 – GIGA

Today there is hardly even a site that shows up or not on the one linking to Facebook at least the famous button with the stretched upwards thumb. Who is the free add-on Facebook Blocker for Firefox for its Mozilla browser&# 8221; href =&//www.giga.de/software/internet/browser/: http; # 8221&# 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>browser&# 8221; […]

Download Publisher templates

with Microsoft Publisher has her a layout program for designing print products .. Microsoft Publisher in addition to Excel .. Microsoft Office package. at Microsoft Publisher is it .. and kept user-friendly. Microsoft Publisher: Download and install .. to download

Battlestar Galactica: “Blood and Chrome” – see prequel pilot online

Whether the new Battlestar Galactica series &# 8220; Blood and Chrome&# 8221; ever produced, is still in the stars. The quite compelling pilot of the prequels will in any case, divided into 10 approximately 10-minute episodes made available on YouTube since November 9. Especially the consequences have been published. 5 and 6 Among the 100 […]

HTC Sensation – Complete info at GIGA

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 123.0 buy at www description Sensational! So will the HTC Sensation *, the current flagship be (in October 2011) made by the company HTC, at least. And certainly here a compelling product is a success. From the competition from Samsung to stand out mainly from by the used display resolution. Because here […]

With Opera add-ons add to the browser new features – GIGA

Opera is, despite its relatively low penetration thoroughly recommended, for example, due to its integrated add-on modules such as an e-mail client. Of course for Opera various add-ons, their installation and management is described below. In contrast for example to Firefox or Internet Explorer, the Opera is made use Download much rarer, but nevertheless offers […]

Here you can buy Bitcoins: tips, information and prizes

Bitcoins are for many the next Big Thing in the currency landscape. While one can make with the Bitcoin Mining may earn no more flower pot these days with an ordinary computer, you is always the possibility available to buy Bitcoins to get to the new trend currency. With us you will find tips on […]

Rocket League: announced Chaos Run DLC

Rocket League is provided with another DLC. It is the so-called Chaos Run package. All information can be found here. 815 Rocket League DLC Rocket League will receive another DLC. It is the chaos Run DLC. This is inspired by a bleak, post-apocalyptic future and will bring new cars, new labels and various other little […]

Enable USB debugging (Android) – frame by frame

Enable USB debugging &# 8211; Step 3: About device Jonas Wekenborg on 12/09/2014 at 10:51 PM 5 10 Enable USB debugging &# 8211; Step 3: Here you can find all the important information and technical details of your smartphone Enable USB debugging &# 8211; Step 3: In addition to the Android version that is installed […]

Action and Gifts from the Steam Trade – GIGA

With the Steam download, you can manage its games collection in the library. In some cases it happens that you get paid when you buy a game, an additional game on Steam. This game can use for themselves. However, this is not interesting enough or you've brought this did already in its games library, you […]

You are asked: Which is the best movie with Jim Carrey?

His visage is well known to us, his facial expressions and gestures legendary and even his voice already ensured for a laugh or two: Jim Carrey rode in the 1990s on a true wave of success and was the man in the comedy business. But even serious roles they took from the actor. Given his […]