announced a new space strategy game from Paradox: Stellaris

The strategy specialists from Paradox Interactive (Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis) have announced at gamescom 2015 Stellaris a new 4X space strategy game in which to start their federations and are allowed to explore the depths of the galaxy. The appropriate announcement trailer was already found. 6872 Stellaris: Announcement Trailer download QR code Stellaris Developer: Paradox […]

Glass Wire Download

Who needs a fast firewall, in addition to the Windows Firewall protects your PC from Internet threats and treacherous trojans, should look at glass Wire times. There are relatively many firewalls for Windows, because the built-in firewall is to be regarded at best as inadequate basic protection. In very rare cases, it warns times before […]

Ryse 2: Successor comes only when the Xbox One sold better

The German development studio Crytek it was in the last weeks and months haywire. In an interview with our colleagues at Euro Gamer CEO Cevat Yerli told now that a successor to the Xbox One game Ryse was indeed planned, it will still be long in coming. Just yesterday we reported that Crytek the Xbox […]

Android: Enable background data – how it works

Will you visit the Google Play Store to download new apps, it may happen that the Play Store displays "Background data disabled" and are denied access. To be able to provide with new apps and more, you must therefore turn on background data. Depending on your Android device and version is the way you can […]

uninstall Firefox: How to do it

There are few reasons, the Mozilla Firefox uninstall. Stability, extensibility and speed characterize the browser and suggest downloading Mozilla Firefox. The Web browser named Firefox is a reliable program with rare errors. Nevertheless, it may be necessary, for example if you reinstall Firefox or switching to a different browser to uninstall Firefox. There are different […]

Huawei P9: At Saturn and Media Markt already in stock

Just last week, the Huawei was introduced in London P9 and from April 21, it is loud VMALL the official online store of the manufacturer, be available in this country. The two German retailers Saturn and Media Markt is Huawei's newest top model but already in stock and can be ordered already apparently. Actually, the […]

customize the Firefox appearance individually

The Mozilla's Firefox is most commonly used as a web browser, which is among other things to the many add-ons that can be added to the program. In addition to add-ons that add to Firefox new features, there are also those with whom the appearance of the browser can be customized to your taste. Mozilla […]

Download Sims 3 Nude Skin

The Sims 3 is now the second continuation of captivating life simulation that millions of players able to captivate the world .. this direction is the Sims 3 Nude offer .. patch download. The Sims 3 Nude Patch .. Canned goes, blur our ledge an ugly .. to download

Lost Ember: This game lets you slip into the skin of each animal

Lost Ember was able to draw attention to themselves at the German Computer Game Prize. Now the declaration of love to explore fantastic worlds with a new trailer on Kickstarter presented. 674 Lost Ember - Story Teaser For two years now Lost Ember is the Hamburg developer Mooneye Studios in development. In the game You're […]


The IsoBuster Download is a software for recovering data from CDs, DVDs, BDs and HD DVDs, with all CD, DVD, BD and HD DVD data formats and file systems are supported. Rescue lost files from a bad, dirty or scratched CD, DVD, BD or HD DVD, securing important documents, precious pictures, video from the family, […]