track 33. Match online: Bundesliga Conference live stream and TV

It's in the last few meters in the Bundesliga season 2015/16. This weekend, the 33rd matchday is pending. As usual, you can follow the Bundesliga Conference live stream and TV at Sky. On the penultimate day all nine matches will be played in parallel. Sky customers with the Bundesliga package can track 33. Match live […]

Google Maps: Share your location in real time – how it works

In Google Maps, you can share your current location with selected friends who will always see where you find yourself at the moment. We show you how to activate their function. If you want to see your friends, if ye currently aufhaltet, you can share your location with them. A new feature but it's also […]

More content for money: Top 10 of all time DLCs

The best DLCs all time: Bioshock is often neglected, but has great DLC! Bioshock 2 is often somewhat neglected - yes, almost forgot. While I agree that Part 2 is the title of the series, one can omit most likely, but is nevertheless and it remains a very good game. And it has to offer […]

FF XV – A New Empire: 5 Tips for your mobile adventure in Eos

Rough Start &# 8211; Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire he is even absolutely difficult. You will hardly see at the beginning and do not understand what you can do it in the app everything. Therefore our advice: Read through the tutorial everything as accurately as possible to understand what buildings needed her and what […]

So streaming works with Steam Link

With Steam link to your games can be streamed directly from the computer to a television. Since the publication of the little black box is imminent, the creators have released a small information-trailer at Valve. This finds its course here. 7981 Steam link Heavy, Scout and Co. Steam Link is to make it easier PC […]

disable Java in Safari, Chrome and Firefox

It almost seems as come every week new serious vulnerabilities in Java to light. The best way to protect yourself where you uninstalled Java simply against these vulnerabilities. but if you can not do without Java, you should disable the Java plugin at least in the browsers and activate only when necessary. Google Chrome &# […]

OnePlus 3 in “soft gold”: Our first impression in the video

61916 OnePlus 3: Soft-gold version of the unboxing Never miss video? Subscribe to us on YouTube: With some delay, the OnePlus 3 is August 1, now available in the color Soft gold. Also in this release the smartphone in terms of processing do but to convince especially style. However, who is on a lot of […]