Hentai Porn & Gabe Newell on EA’s Facebook page

The social media manager of Electronic Arts seems to be still in bed: A spammer seems to have discovered the Facebook page of the publisher for himself and now posting diligently Hentai pictures. For about two hours posted on the EA Facebook Page Hentai Porn, can be found for a change in between sometimes some […]

Download Spam Bot Download

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Battle Born: Beginner Tips and tricks for Heroes Shooter

Battle Born is the new shooter spectacle of Gearbox Software, who have already proved with the Borderlands series their skills. In the hero-shooter you choose from 25 heroes and graduated with them the story missions and various multiplayer modes. To help you get started in the game, we give you in this guide tips and […]

CursorFX Download – November 2017 – GIGA

Who is dissatisfied with the standard Windows cursors associated with CursorFX cursor and a number of other settings. With CursorFX Stardock Windows cursor can be beefed up. You can choose from thirteen preinstalled cursor from elegant to funky slanted or, more cursor can be seen on the website wincostumize.com download. Start Photogallery (11 images) GIGA-Tip: […]

Android L Keyboard (APK Download) – Android App

description Once the app Android L Keyboard has now been removed from the Play Store, you've got to use the keyboard for Google's new operating system downloaded as APK. But this is not a problem, because we have the app as a free download on offer. Android L Keyboard for Android 4.x The keyboard of […]

Alternatives to Apple Watch: This Smart Watches are compatible with the iPhone (Overview)

Wellograph: The Wellness SmartWatch Also the Wellograph refers to Fitness disciples. However, in contrast to the Withings Activité this has other sensors is activity tracker, heart rate monitor, pedometer and stopwatch. All this packed into a Stainless steel and aluminum. The monochrome 1.26-inch low-power display (backlit) lies under a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Wellograph: Monitors also […]

Kaspersky System Checker Download

The Kaspersky System Checker Download performs a comprehensive scan of your system and show you problems and weaknesses both in terms of performance and in terms of security. the by Kaspersky System Checker Download delivered report includes both data on your system, as well as any browser extensions and installed applications. The Kaspersky System Checker […]

New Music 2014: The Album Preview Présentation

Ce qui rend la nouvelle musique 2014 passionnante? Comme toujours, les versions au cours des deux à trois mois fixé à peu près sûr après que l'on doit se fier à des notes, des promesses et des rumeurs. Nous avons mieux les moments forts que nous avons recueillies &# 8211; voici une liste des futurs […]

Luka et le mystérieux cheval d’argent gratuit – GIGA

Tous les téléchargements sont disponibles: Luka et le mystérieux cheval d'argent est la première des deux aventures de puzzle gratuits qui sont publiés par le Bureau pour la prévention du crime en collaboration avec le célèbre pont de studio de développement 13. Cette aventure freeware est sur le point d'aider le William Ritter trouver un […]