WhatsApp groups mute on iPhone and Android

With WhatsApp you can get in touch with friends, acquaintances and colleagues at no additional cost on your smartphone. Do you want to simultaneously communicate with multiple people, you can do a group chat so. In some cases, you are a member of a large group, the z. As for the organization of the next […]

GLS hotline: So you reach the Customer

If you questions about package delivery or parcel service GLS have, you learn in this article how you reach the GLS hotline and what other contact options there are for businesses. GLS is the acronym for General Logistics Systems. The Dutch logistics company is one of the major European providers of parcel logistics, express delivery […]

Star Trek Bridge Crew: When strangers become friends

Star Trek: Bridge crew leaves you sit on a Federation starship in the captain's chair, thus fulfilling the dream of every Trekkies. But is also the game as infinite as the vastness of the universe? No time for the entire test? At the bottom you'll find a summary! 618 Star Trek Bridge Department - Trailer […]

Create PowerPoint master slide – A style for all sides

Many PowerPoint presentations are characterized by a uniform appearance. Company logo, background, division ... The reason is called slide master. How to create this PowerPoint master slides, we explain here. A blank PowerPoint slide is white and has a field for the title and subtitle. Boring! A PowerPoint presentation does not have sparks and flashes. […]

Help! iTunes will not install

Apple's iTunes media center is a convenient solution to organize his music and movie collection, as well as individual iOS devices, eg. B. to manage the iPhone and can be equipped with new files. Annoying it when the media fun is already tarnished and it reports computer is: "iTunes can not be installed." After iTunes […]

Windows 10: Upgrade Error 8007003 – Solution

If you want to upgrade to Windows 10, it may be that you get the error 8,007,003th Microsoft recommends that Windows service to end update and delete the temporary upgrade files. We show you this yet another way in which you installed the upgrade for Windows 10 despite the error 8,007,003th 324920 Introducing Windows 10 […]

Miracast: Nvidia supports standard for image transfer to HDTVs

Miracast is developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance standard, which allows you to transfer the image from a smartphone or tablet wirelessly and with virtually no delay on an HDTV in the future. After TI and Qualcomm Nvidia now has announced plans to support Miracast. Apple AirPlay Although a proprietary but well-functioning system to allow wireless […]

read EPUB on Android: Free apps for the smartphone and tablet

In EPUB format eBooks many are stored. While you can read the digital books as EPUB on almost any ebook reader, a display of EPUB on Android is not readily possible. With us you learn how to can read EPUB eBooks with any Android tablet and smartphone. also read, which dominate eBook formats Kindle, Tolino […]

K. C. Undercover Season 3: Is there another season of the sitcom?

As of 27 March, the broadcast of the second season on Disney Channel continues. We dare to take this opportunity already to wonder if there will be from the US sitcom The Walt Disney Company with the multi-talented Zendaya starring a third season. Since early 2015, the US spy sitcom with Zendaya across the screens […]

Is Jaumo free? Here you learn it

Is Jaumo free? Users of the Flirt app for Android and iPhone use Jaumo to find hot dates and flirts online. This is fun because the Jaumo app is easy to use and also has a sufficiently large number of flirt prepare boys and girls. But what about the price? Specifically asked: Is Jaumo free? […]