highlight WhatsApp contacts: So you can chat Highlight User

In addition to the standard ways to share via WhatsApp pictures, messages, files and other data, the developers surprise WhatsApp users regularly with new features. So the Zitierfunktion and the end-to-end encryption to enhance the security was introduced only recently. Now is the opportunity to highlight the chat users and WhatsApp contacts highlight in the […]

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8: Samsung kills the Bixby button

Samsung has released another update that the Bixby button can be completely disabled on the side of smartphones Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus. How it works&# 8217; s: Source: Samsung Galaxy S8 (Plus) Galaxy S8 (Plus): Disable Bixby button Updated on 05.11.2017, 12:20: Samsung has released a new update to the Bixby can be […]

94% solutions to level 210 (Update July 2016)

Aloha-he! Hawaii is a small, yet well-known part of the world. What do you notice one to the region, except Hula and palm trees? Slightly less sunny it comes to the animals. Nocturnal animals are owls, bats and what else? Something that one associates with Hawaii Aloha flowers Hula island Palm trees Sun Beach surfing […]

Drones insurance: Is the duty? And how much is it?

Drones are currently the trend gadgets at all. You've bought you a drone and you want to stand out for the first time? Or do you still playing with the idea to get you a drone? What many do not know: In any case, you need an insurance policy that you turn your drone want […]

Southpaw criticism: Jake Gyllenhaal shares a neat appearance

916 SOUTHPAW Trailer German German & Criticism Review (2015) Never miss video? Subscribe to us on YouTube: Jake Gyllenhaal is currently on everyone's lips, because for the boxer drama &# 8220; Southpaw&# 8221; the actor put on a decent six-pack. But the movie can convince even off of physical excellence? We have&# 8221; Southpaw&# 8221; […]

Bioshock Infinite: Ken Levine defended playing time of Burial at Sea

Today, the DLC Burial at Sea will be released in November&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: //www.giga.de/spiele/bioshock-infinite/news/bioshock-infinite-burial-at-sea-erscheint-im-november/&# 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>Burial at Sea for Bioshock Infinite for PC and Xbox 360. From tomorrow can download this the Playstation 3 owners. Creator Ken Levine now defended the short playing time of the first […]

The Sims Freeplay: find transport shop and build (tooltip)

The successful franchise The Sims, there is as good as on all platforms. To also mobile to create worlds, The Sims Freeplay was born. Want your Sims to pursue hobbies or for example, open a fashion studio, you need to transport shop. The name really says it all. The carriage shop brings your Sims not […]

Google Doodle: Fruit Games 2016 Olympics – Day 14

Two weeks ago launched the opening ceremony for the Olympic Games 2016 - the search engine giant Google took the occasion to celebrate in 2016 for the Olympics and has declared recently the Fruit Games 2016th The interactive Google Doodle replaces the usual logo in the browser and allows you to the Google app for […]

SOMA: Survival Tips – so you survive the nightmare

In SOMA death can lurk behind every corner and you have to prove strong nerves to survive the horror adventure. The most disgusting creatures and monsters chasing you deep in the sea, and all what you can do about it is to flee and hide you. With our Survival Tips thereby increase your chances of […]

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire – The Empire Zakuul

In SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire, the fifth expansion for Bioware's large online role-playing game, it's all about the Zakuul Empire, the new Group, which together with swabbing the Sith Empire and the Old Republic the floor. But who is behind this new adversary? 6330 star-wars-the-old-republic-knights-of-the-fallen-empire-trailer-7134.mp4 Who knows SWTOR knows that in Bioware's MMO […]

iPhone SE: makeover is expected in early 2018

From the Far East, there is evidence once again that Apple will equip its smallest iPhone in the first quarter of 2018 with new innards of current models. According to recent reports by Focus Taiwan Apple's partner in India Wistron will manufacture the next generation of small iPhone SE. The changes are likely to be […]

FileASSASSIN Download

If a file of Windows has been blocked, we can not delete them yet open for editing. FileASSASSIN can safely delete files even when Windows wants to keep. This small freeware utility is available after installation in the context menu of Windows available and offers us two options Delete file using File Assassin Unlock file […]

Gears of War 4: Editions and Season Pass in detail

Gears of War 4 is currently in beta for Xbox Gold members and in the process seep on the part of publishers more and more information to the surface. Now the editions as well as the contents of the Season Pass were announced. What content you shall rejoice, we show you below. We have already […]