Pocket im Test: Texte im Netz markieren lesen und später offline

Hiess Früher è "Read It Later" Geld und kostete, alles ist anders mittlerweile: Mit der kostenlosen Android-App Pocket lassen sich im Netz Texte vormerken, in linea später oder auf dem Smartphone Tablet lesen und verwalten. Das Konzept klingt schlüssig, sieht aber wie in der Praxis è aus? In unserem nehmen wir App-Test die unter Lupe […]

Google Pixel 2: “Taimen” mit 5,99-Zoll-Display, “Walleye” ohne Klinkenbuchse

Die erste sich dem Ende Jahreshälfte neigt zu, weshalb die zweite Generation von Googles Pixel-Phones immer näher rückt. Neue Berichte erlauben jetzt einen Einblick in die Technische Ausstattung der Geräte. Mit dem "Taimen" genannten einen Schritt Modell Google geht zurück in die Nexus-Series.  Im vergangenen Oktober neue Wege und Ging Google mit dem brachte Pixel […]

S8 Galaxy: Samsung-Logo wird auf dem Display Software per dargestellt

Wer sich nach dem gestrigen Leak bereits zum Galaxy S8 darüber gefreut cappello, dass Samsung Smartphone an der anteriore des auf ein Logo verzichten wird, wird nun eines der besseren belehrt. Das wird natürlich Samsung-Logo nicht fehlen. 174306 Samsung Galaxy S7 bordo im Test (Deutsch) Samsung-Logo an der anteriore des Galaxy S8 Wenn an der […]

MGS 5 – Phantom Pain: Quiet – All about the silent sniper

Quiet plays the female lead in MGS 5: Phantom Pain and with her the name says it all. The motives of the taciturn sharp-shooting are not clear and are likely part of the story of Big Boss&# 8216; Adventure account. Below we take a closer look at Quiet. Pre Phantom Pain now: MGS 5 * […]

The Hamachi configuration could not be loaded – Solutions

When the proper setup of LogMeIn Hamachi often smaller and bigger obstacles occur, so that one is glad when this is over. The more annoying it is when suddenly error messages at startup of Hamachi and the program can not be started. As you the error &# 8220; configuration could not be loaded&# 8221; can […]

RTL today: 1250 series of Millionaire in the live stream and TV

The quiz show Millionaire with Günter Jauch the quiz panel is one of the perennial favorites in the German TV. rates since 1999, know and think regular guests for the grand prize of one million DM, or euro. Today, it goes to the 1250th anniversary edition of &# 8220; Millionaire&# 8221 ;. Live stream TV […]

Development studios – The Top 10

Without them there would be no Mario, Sonic, no, no Megaman, and certainly no Guybrush Threepwood. No role playing, strategy games and no shooters. We are talking about the development studios. Without them we could not sit 10 hours before gripping the screen. And more importantly, without them it would not exist until our great […]

Piqs.de Database with free photos

Piqs.de could become a treat for web designers and publicists. The newly launched photo community are namely their photos free for free use. And even for commercial purposes. According to operators already have several thousand photos ready in the young community Piqs.de. The only restriction: All photos are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license. […]

Nintendo Switch: set user ID and login

In order to register with the Nintendo switch, you need a user ID in the future. Who still has Nintendo Network ID (NNID), will thus not be able to log on the latest Nintendo console. As determined in her a User ID and what is the difference for NNID, learn it here. Pre Breath of […]

Guide: remove sticker

Again and again we are faced with the situation of having to remove stickers. While some are more easily come off, others are virtually indestructible. The means by which one moves them to the body, we introduce here. Stickers and stamps could be used to replace residue in a little warm water. Today, we are […]

Pocket in the test: Texts mark on the net and read offline later

They used to say "Read it Later" and cost money, now everything is different: With the free Android app Pocket of texts, allowing Mark the net, later offline on your phone or tablet to read and manage. The concept sounds conclusive, but what about in practice? In our app test we take Pocket under the […]

Fallout 4 – Nuka-World: Raider gangs in detail

Fallout 4 Nuka-World kidnapped you in a leisure vacation that promises you a distraction from the nuclear winter. In the huge amusement park Nuka-World three Raider gangs have spread, we would like to introduce you in more detail in this guide. Raider count Fallout 4 not the most pleasant contemporaries. They take what they like […]