Android 7.0 Torrone: uscita und Funktionen – Welche Funzioni aggiornamento bringt das?

Googles Android 7.0 Torrone heißt für neues Betriebssystem Smartphone und compresse. Nachfolger von der Android 6.0 Marshmallow morirà Akkudauer verlängern Multitasking Mobile fähig und machen. Das von Android 7.0 di rilascio finale ist bereits Veröffentlicht Torrone. Aber Wie sehen die aus Funktonen? Informazioni findet die ihr Hier. Android 7.0 Torrone: Die neuen Funktionen im Überblick […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Schneller machen: Mit diesen è Einstellungen klappt

Schnell, Schneller sein soll è! Das ist mit seinem Samsung Galaxy S4 da 1.6GHz Processore und seinen Quad Core 2 GB di RAM zwar schon ein ziemlich schnelles Smartphone. Doch mit ein paar Einstellungen Gerät kann man das noch machen Schneller. Zeigen wir euch, ihr dafür tun era genau MUSST. Samsung Galaxy S4 Schneller machen: […]

Vs Samsung Galaxy S5 mini Galaxy S4 mini: Technische Daten im Vergleich

Cappello gestern mit dem Samsung Galaxy S5 mini einen aktuellen kleineren sciabiche Ableger Top-smartphone vorgestellt. Deshalb wollen wir uns suora einmal anschauen, era das neue Mini-Gerät besser als sein Vorgänger macht das Galaxy S4 mini. Galaxy S5 mini beim sowohl als auch beim Galaxy S4 mini handelt sich um eine Kleinere è zugleich abgespeckte und […]

Das kann Bixby Voice: Beeindruckende Video zeigen Assistenten in azione

"Ciao Bixby, era kannst du eigentlich?" Kurz nach dem offiziellen Inizio von Bixby Voice in den USA beginnt suora Samsungs Promo-offensiva. Zeigen wir euch die neuen vier Video, in denen Bixby sein offenbart potenziale. Bildquelle: Samsung SmartLife Nach der Beta-Phase mit über digitale 100.000 Teilnehmern Assistent von der ist nun endlich mit Samsung Sprachunterstützung da. […]

Download Library View Rtl

View library searches the media libraries of public television and imagine the results available to you then filter arbitrarily and play or save on your hard drive can .. network can access. With the View library Download is the .. to download

Where is the Command key on a Mac and MacBook?

To use certain functions without a mouse, keyboard shortcuts can be used on Mac. Usually this pressing a letter key and a special key. A special key that is often used for this is the Command key. But where actually is the Command key on the keyboard on your Mac or MacBook? 76215 MacBook Pro […]

LG G Flex 2: Official Wallpaper to download

With the LG G Flex 2, the South Korean manufacturer LG presents us not only be curved smartphone with a full HD screen, but also provides for P-OLED display unit matching wallpaper, which are to accompany the bold colors of the screen. The pictures all have a resolution of 1,920 x 2,160 and should so […]

Android 7.0 nougat: Release and Features – Which features the update brings?

Android 7.0 nougat is Google's new operating system for smartphones and tablets. The successor to Android 6.0 Marshmallow wants to extend battery life and make multitasking Mobile-capable. The final release of Android 7.0 nougat is already published. But what are the Sparks Onen? Here you can find the information. Android 7.0 nougat: The new features […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: With these settings, it works

Fast, it will be faster! The Samsung Galaxy S4 with its 1.6GHz quad-core processor and its 2GB of RAM, although already a pretty fast smartphone. But you can make the device even more quickly with a few settings. We show you what you must do exactly her for it. Samsung Galaxy S4 make faster: How […]

Spyro: Fan is another indication of the Remaster

Since the announcement of the crash Remaster many retro fans wish for a new edition of Spyro. In Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Triology a fan now found an inconsistency that actually points to the return of the little purple dragon. 5963 Better With Crashitude Launch Gameplay Trailer | Crash Bandicoot ™ N. Sane Trilogy we […]

MacBook Pro – Complete info at GIGA

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 603.0 description The WWDC 2012 brought among other things, updated versions of the 13&# 8243; and 15&# 8243; MacBook Pro &# 8211; next to the Next Generation MacBook Pro. Although the new models get any new design or retina display, under the hood, but a lot has changed. Bad news for fans […]

What is a Google Account? An account that many functions!

Many believe that Google account is only for emails there - or at best, a notification for the Android phone. But behind it is much more. You definitely will a Google Account to use as the online office programs, save your photos online, listen to music or to store contacts. content What does the Google […]

Hyrule: Total War – the war also continues next Zelda

In Hyrule there is a war, in addition to the dungeon adventures of Link, Zelda constantly trying to save the. which was really lit so far but not yet by Nintendo &# 8211; but fortunately there is a mod which takes that and runs on Medieval 2: Total War &# 8211; huge war battles are […]

This can Bixby Voice: Impressive videos show wizard in action

"Hi Bixby, what can you really?" Shortly after the official start of Bixby voice in the US will now begin Samsung promo campaign. We show you the four new videos in which Bixby reveals its potential. Source: Samsung Smart Life After the beta period with over 100,000 subscribers, the digital assistant from Samsung is finally […]