Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Erste Dettagli zur kommenden Tablet Reihe

Im Jahr kommenden wird und die allseits Galaxy Tab Bekannte beliebte aus dem Hause-Reihe Samsung gehen in die fünfte Runde. Das offenbart ein Eintrag in einer indischen Import- / Export-Datenbank, in der das Galaxy Tab 5 Erstmals gekommen ist nun zum Vorschein. Für das Jahr impianto bevorstehende der nicht nur den Hersteller südkoreanische Marktstart Neuer […]

Samsung AddWasch: Waschmaschine mit der Zukunft im Ladeluke Hands-On

25 Samsung AddWash: High-Tech-Waschmaschinen Ladeluke mit im Hands-On Kein Video verpassen? Abonniere uns auf YouTube: Den südkoreanischen Konzern Samsung kennt uomo in erster Linie durch die Smartphone und Fernseher. Doch auch das Unternehmen bietet un Haushaltsgeräte smarte. Wir waren auf der IFA 2016 uns und haben die AddWash-Waschmaschinen angeschaut, die mit einer kleinen Ladeluke eine […]

Vodafone – Complete info at GIGA

Products and items Vodafone The iPhone X is now available. For those who want to secure Apple's top smartphone with contract, we have the offers of Telekom, Vodafone and O2 together - including expected wait time and alternatives.

HTC HD7: Android instead of Windows Phone 7

Windows Phone 7 is not really bad, but also not really great. The HTC HD7 is in itself a good piece of hardware that runs but with the wrong in our view operating system. A few Chinese developers saw the similar and have summarily ported Android to WP7 phone. And so the smartphone will be […]

What is GfK?

If you have not heard anything from GfK and GfK Entertainment yet, we tell you in the next guide, which GfK is and why it provides important data, among other things in the games and media. What is GfK? GfK is actually GfK SE, has existed since 1935 and is the largest market research institute […]

Create your free – Here’s a simple way

Meanwhile, there are countless vendors, where you can create free e-mail address. Here are three proven mail services at a glance and a guide on how one can create an e-mail for free in a few minutes &# 8211; also handy if you just quickly need a second address. The large free services such as […]

What is Google Chrome? – Well that here!

Google Chrome often arises in connection with the browsers Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. But what is it really? And he is better than others? We reveal in this article, which is Google Chrome. video | Google Chrome 60113 Your Chrome Browser, Everywhere What is Google Chrome? - Well that here! Google Chrome is a […]

New to Netflix in November 2017: All streaming new releases

Summer is over, the days get shorter and the nights cooler. In September it can be finally back in the evening curl up in front of the television. In a successful movie night Netflix should not be missed and the following new releases is ready. Netflix original series in September 2016 &# 8220; Narcos&# 8221; […]

The best apps 2016 for iPhone and iPad

What are the top apps of 2016? Which iPhone and iPad applications have been downloaded most often, which are also worthy of attention? These are the top apps of 2016: The music and film charts "Best of 2016" Apple today also released the software charts of the year. In addition to the most frequently downloaded […]

Xbox Scorpio: Release according to insiders not before August 2017

Before E3 2017 Microsoft probably does not mention a release date for Xbox Scorpio. Well, after all, an insider limits the duration of the new power console after all. 26519 Xbox Project Scorpio E3 2016 So far, Microsoft was only known that the Project Scorpio will go on sale for Christmas 2017th More information about […]

ScummVM Download free – GIGA

More downloads are available: &# 8220; ScummVM&# 8221; is a free virtual machine for classic adventure games. ScummVM is a virtual machine (Emulator) for classic adventure games by Lucas Arts. Sure it has also been annoyed when you wanted to play an old adventure game on a newer computer and this is not going to […]

presented Call of the beastmen New Group – Warhammer: Total War

Total War: Warhammer published an additional DLC: Call of the beastmen. This includes a new faction in the game, which consists of mythical beings between man and animal. The other nations of the game dared to enter the home of beastmen and now they have to pay for it. We give you an overview of […]

Gallendor Battlegrounds play – November 2017 – GIGA

As the successor to Gallendor Gallendor Battlegrounds has a lot of PVP content and depth of the game has to offer. Assert yourself against evil creatures that threaten your lands and become the hero of Gallendor! Unlike its predecessor, the focus of Gallendor Battlegrounds is more on strategic elements. As one of the Lords of […]