Apple Pippin: Console under foreign flags – GIGA

Apple once built a gaming console? Of the Apple Pippin is not only one of the most bizarre products in the history of the manufacturer, but also one of the biggest flops. 1995 the console in Japan was marketed, a year later in the US. And unwind after Europe of Pippin has never managed, however […]

Send Instagram Direct messages – Here’s how

With Instagram Direct you can send messages with pictures and videos to your friends, acquaintances and followers in the popular photo app. The trick: Similar to Snapchat can send you direct messages that disappear when they were viewed by the recipients. We show you how to use the function. 6725 Instagram Repost The photo app […]

veracrypt download

A new encryption program is ready! The free veracrypt based on the set TrueCrypt, but should be even safer. The French manufacturers explain, inter alia, with the increased frequency of encryption repetitions. This makes veracrypt when opening an encrypted container a little bit slower, but has no effect while working with the data. Start Photogallery […]

Desert Blitz Download free – GIGA

More downloads are available: The free browser game Desert Blitz is aimed at amateur strategists a blend of sophisticated tactical gameplay and pleasant atmosphere are looking for! As commander in chief of your troops you are trying to secure the oil resources of the Autonomous Republic Rakistan in Desert Blitz. For that you recruit troops, […]

Besides Task: Gateway – Saints Row 4 Walkthrough – GIGA

Available: by "Zero Cool - Liberate Matt Miller" Reward: 4500 Cache, 2300 experience new gateway - East Carver Iceland   Kinzie told us on the ship, that we have to chop various shops to disrupt the simulation. This mission is initially a single string of store-hacking, not particularly exciting, but not very heavy and a […]

Remove Iminent: So will you and Toolbar Home go again

More and more often you have to make tolerable experience to have captured after downloading and installing a really trusted application from seemingly reliable source various "additional options" that change both home as well as the appearance of the browser. One of these side effects is Iminent or Find out here how you can […]

Everest Ultimate Edition Download

Everest Ultimate Edition download gives you a diagnostic tool that gives you a lot of information about hardware, software, security and stability of your system. Note: features free of charge, but with fewer features than Everest Ultimate Edition Everest Home Edition. Both programs, however, are now outdated by the successor AIDA64. Everest Ultimate Edition Download: […]

5 things that are not noticed you at Overwatch

For almost a week's blizzard heroes Shooter Overwatch on the market and inspires its player base with a variety of maps and tactical gameplay. But no matter how deep you ye been incorporated so far: The following five things are probably escaped you. 15601 Overwatch in the first impression: Noob vs. professional   1. The […]

Command & Conquer: Generals now in the Mac App Store

Strategists take note: The real-time strategy classic Command &# 038; Conquer: Generals is now available in the Mac App Store. This means that the game can now play on modern Macs. Mac game publisher Aspyr has Command &# 038; Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition published two days ago in the Mac App Store. plays the title […]

Just Cause 3: marine vessels, helicopters and airplanes – GIGA

Marine vessels, helicopters and aircraft in Just Cause 3 And already we are in the last part of our large section devoted to vehicles in Just Cause 3. Now we want to devote ourselves to ships and aircraft. These can also be with the way upgrade MODs. We have a full overview of all MODs […]

MEDUSA4 Personal Download

The world acclaimed 2D / 3D CAD software MEDUSA4 Personal is intended for home use and is suitable for designers and engineers who want to use their 2D expertise in 3D modeling. Even without 3D knowledge class 3D CAD models can be customized with the software. The multi-platform CAD software includes extensive engineering, sheet metal […]


More downloads are available: The FileZilla Download is an FTP client that is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The free FTP program manages an unlimited number of FTP accounts and can resume interrupted transfers. FileZilla download is an FTP client that is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The free FTP program […]