McDonald’s – Complete info at GIGA

Products and items McDonald's At what point is breakfast at McDonalds? If you like early in the morning would pay a visit to the well-known fast-food chain will have certainly already made one or two times exactly this question. In this article we will reveal it and show ...

15 years iSub (Soundsticks): design icon through the ages

The iSub - designed by Apple, made by Harman / Kardon. Even today - almost 15 years later - it exists as part of the Sound Sticks * still to buy. He also experienced a rebirth as "aura" - a brief overview of the history of development. iSub: Active subwoofer designed by Apple (1999) In […]

Recore: Tips and Tricks for the trip to New Eden

With Recore you are in for a dystopian action adventure with a difference. You collect seeds and all kinds of other stuff that you can handle on the workbench. Besides, you have to confront you with enemy bots and solve quests. In this guide to Recore we tell you some tips and tricks for the […]

GTA 5: This site is easier for her members for Heist missions

The biggest problem in online games is the search for suitable players. To find partners for Heist missions in GTA Online, there is now a homepage called Looking for Heist. Games like Guild Wars 2 have the LFG improved to the effect already with its own in-game system that players sometimes have found a complete […]

Apple AirPods connect to Android: How to

The new earphones for the iPhone 7 Apple wants to revolutionize the art world. The earphones come completely without cables. Unlike normal Bluetooth headset, the two ear pieces are not connected to a cable. Who calls his own an iPhone and is enthusiastic about the wireless headphones yet, connects the AirPods with his Android device. […]

PSN ID: Maybe you can soon change your name

Users of the PlayStation Network (PSN) hope for a long time to be able to change their usernames PSN ID. What has been called "almost impossible", could soon become a reality. 101440 PlayStation Network Guide PS3 When it comes to the choice of name, lagging the competition Sony already has long afterward. Whether on Steam, […]

Word Slinger Deluxe télécharger gratuitement – GIGA

Tous les téléchargements sont disponibles: Word Slinger combine des éléments de Scrabble avec un jeu de mots croisés pour former une expérience de jeu inoubliable et addictif. Tentez votre chance à deux modes passionnants: la vitesse et de la stratégie. Ne laissez pas dans le mode de rythme les mots empilent au plafond. En mode […]

Le cannabis est légal: la légalisation de tous maintenant – Est-ce exact?

&# 8220; le cannabis est maintenant légal &# 8211; L'Uruguay a finalement entré dans la loi sur la légalisation de la culture de la marijuana contrôlée par l'Etat en vigueur en Allemagne.&# 8221; Une telle contribution de l'État, qui se propage à l'heure actuelle sur Facebook et beaucoup de stimulation commence. la légalisation est réelle […]

supprimer la file d’attente d’impression et de supprimer les travaux d’impression: comment cela fonctionne

Est-ce que vous voulez que Windows, sauf Windows 7, 8 ou 10, pour imprimer quelque chose, le processus d'abord dans le service spooler d'impression, qui a classé la file d'attente. S'il y a des problèmes d'impression, il est souvent utile d'effacer la file d'attente d'impression. A propos de la file d'attente des travaux d'impression individuels […]