Google Play: Zahlung per Bankeinzug in Deutschland für Entwickler möglich

Auf Google Play gibt es bereits diversificata Zahlungsmöglichkeiten: Per Kreditkarte, via Telefonrechnung (nicht mehr bei Vodafone) Guthabenkarten mittels oder Die Zeit auch è geraumer seit in Deutschland gibt. Hardware aber wer, wie das Aktuelle beispielsweise Nexus 5 möchte kaufen, benötigt eine Kreditkarte gezwungenermaßen. Dies könnte sich aber ändern calva, denn die Bezahlung per Lastschrift beziehungsweise […]

iPhone 5c with Touch ID Apple Online Store

Apple shows in his online store an iPhone, which is similar to the iPhone 5c, but is equipped with Touch ID - 6c iPhone? On Tuesday, Apple released a new iPhone Lightning dock in its online store *. Compatible it is with all iPhones that have a Lightning port. In the corresponding product images Apple […]

Jan Böhmermann found dead in his garden – Is this true?

Is Jan Böhmermann dead? According to a report, which is currently making the rounds on Facebook, the ZDF moderator was found dead last night against 18:53 in his garden. As you can imagine, many users are confused on Facebook: What is it about this story? 359807 Hoaxes on Facebook Jan Böhmermann one has not heard […]

The Division: use fast travel – Here’s how

Since New York is not exactly small in The Division helps you Fast Travel to bridge larger distances in seconds. However, the fast-travel function is not exactly obvious and also works only under certain rules and at predetermined locations. As you can quickly travel in the tactical shooter, we tell you in our guide. Pre-order […]

leaked Motorola Bounce: This is the better Moto X Play

Only in July, Motorola has unveiled three new smartphones that are to luxury models cover everything from entry. The trio consisting of the Moto G (2015) and the two high-end phablets Moto X Play and Moto X style, but could soon be a quartet - because for December Motorola Bounce has now announced the robust […]

FIFA 17: Update 1:05 – the patch notes in detail

For FIFA 17 is a new update in the wings. With 1:05 again some changes come into play. It is the fourth update and labeling 1:05 is likely to be the new name. What content the update brings with it, learn it on this page. Every month there is a new Update for FIFA 17, […]

Word Slinger Deluxe download free – GIGA

More downloads are available: Word Slinger combines elements of Scrabble with a crossword puzzle to form an unforgettable and addictive gaming experience. Try your hand at two exciting modes: Speed ​​and Strategy. Do not let up in the pace mode the words pile up to the ceiling. In strategy mode you can take your time […]

TomTom Vio: First accessory for scooter in hands-on video

1 TomTom Vio: accessory for scooter in the Hands-On Never miss video? Subscribe to us on YouTube: TomTom has presented at the IFA 2016 with the "Vio" the first navigation device for scooters. We took advantage of the opportunity and looked at the very stylish Navi in ​​rounded design in more detail. tried Chic navigation […]

Mafia 3: Five Facts for a complete overview

For the next chapter of Mafia there is a new developer. It's in a new city. It is a new protagonist and a new era. We shall collect the facts of Mafia 3, you have to necessarily know. 1. New studio in California Probably the preparatory work for Mafia 3 began even at 2K Czech, […]

Cannabis is legal: legalization for all now – Is that right?

&# 8220; cannabis is now legal &# 8211; Uruguay has finally entered the law on the legalization of state-controlled marijuana cultivation into force in Germany.&# 8221; Such a state contribution, which is spread at the moment on Facebook and lots of stimulation begins. the legalization is real or is this is just a hoax? And […]