Outlook: Show Week – Here’s how

With Microsoft Outlook you own a powerful tool for organizing their own events. What the integrated calendar can however miss at first glance, the display of the calendar week. We show you how to display the calendar week in Outlook. The indication of KW is required, among other things in everyday work when such. B. […]

Career at Zalando: What jobs are available?

Zalando has made a name for itself as the largest online shop in Europe. We can therefore entitled to consider that there are constantly filling vacancies in such a company. Finally, there is not only the headquarters in Berlin, but also various branches at home and abroad, and also a Zalando Outlet Store in Berlin […]

Google Play: direct debit in Germany possible for developers

On Google Play, there are already a variety of payment options: by credit card, via telephone bills (Vodafone no longer) or by credit cards is also available in Germany for some time. But whoever hardware, such as the current Nexus 5 wants to buy, forced requires a credit card. This could soon change, however, because […]

Do it yourself: PCI Express graphics card via Thunderbolt at a MacBook Air

Intel's faster Thunderbolt port provides numerous opportunities in theory. In practice, however, the accessory is often too expensive. An inventor has now joined a PCI Express graphics card for comparatively little money on his MacBook Air. Mac Rumors point to a post in the forum Tech Inferno, in which the former Google and Twitter employee […]

send anonymous e-mails without registration and account – GIGA

Of course, there are also special pages, from which you can send an anonymous e-mail. This requires an account and no registration. the recipient's address just enter, write a subject, and the mail and go with it! However, one should not expect any answer here. Everything should remain anonymous and uncomplicated yes. Take time between […]

Live TV – Android App

description Who looks what? What program is currently the most popular? With the free download of the live TV Android app you keep an overview of what TV shows are currently popular with the spectators. The app serves as a decision support for the evening TV program. You do not what you want to watch […]

delete print queue and remove print jobs: how it works

Do you want Windows, except Windows 7, 8 or 10, to print something, the process first in the print spooler service, that classified the queue. If there are problems printing, it often helps to clear the print queue. About the queue individual print jobs can be deleted, for example. B. were charged twice or accidentally […]

Dishonored: The Mask of Wrath

More downloads are available: Become the ultimate weapon of anger when you do supernatural powers and magic to your deadly tools. The makers of Arx Fatalis and Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, the Arcane Studios, band together with Bethesda Softworks and created with Dishonored: the mask of anger a new action RPG, could write […]

No Man’s Sky: Soundtrack listen free here

No Man&# 8217; s Sky: Music for at Infinite Universe title of the soundtrack is the highly anticipated space simulation. The British post-rock band 65daysofstatic accompanies your adventure with ten tracks, which you can listen for free with us now. We also show you where else you get the OST. No Man&# 039; s buy […]

Lumia 750 et Lumia 1030: les images de presse smartphones Microsoft mis

Microsoft voulait encore apporter les Lumia 750 et Lumia 1030 smartphones avec Windows Mobile 10 sur le marché, mais ceux-ci sont fixés compte tenu de l'échec dans le secteur des smartphones. Les images montrent maintenant ce que nous avons manqué. Microsoft Lumia 750 en rouge chic, Les smartphones Lumia qui ont récemment encore sur le […]

iPhone Astuce: Exporter les contacts

Qui investit contacts sur iPhone et géré, ils seraient probablement dans d'autres logiciels, comme le Mac, convertir et de les utiliser là après un certain temps. Nous montrons comment exporter les contacts de l'iPhone facile et rapide.  99392 sauvegarder les contacts de l'iPhone exporter des contacts iPhone: iCloud est la solution la plus simple Qui […]