Android-Bildbearbeitung: Die besten Apps für eure Foto

Ihr eure möchtet Direkt auf dem Foto Android-Smartphone bearbeiten? Kein Problem, denn wir hier zeigen euch die Besten aus dem Bildbearbeitungs-Play Apps Store, denen mit ihr eure aufpeppen könnt Foto. Video | Android-Bildbearbeitung mit Snapseed 2.660 Bildbearbeitung mit Snapseed Heute muss Vieles funktionieren mobil: Auch die dazu zählt Bildbearbeitung. Um wirklich tolle Effekte Filtro und […]

Prey: System requirements and graphics settings in detail

Before, you visit Prey to the Talos I and with protagonist Morgan Yu an alien invasion wards, PC gamers should take a look at the official system requirements. This fall, despite the elaborate effects relatively moderate and should normal gaming PCs will present no great challenge. We show you the minimum and recommended system requirements, […]

Download Gold Digger game

The strategy blockbuster Battlecruiser Millenium in the Gold Edition there is now a free full version .. dozen tasks draw this game out. gameHe choose from a variety of .. gametypes: You control access an .. air units. All in one game However, you will .. to download

Lumia 750 and Lumia 1030: Press images set Microsoft smartphones

Microsoft wanted to still bring the Lumia 750 and Lumia 1030 smartphones with Windows Mobile 10 on the market, but these are set in view of the failure in the smartphone sector. Images now show what we have missed. Microsoft Lumia 750 in chic red The Lumia smartphones that have recently come yet on the […]

iPhone Tip: Export contacts

Who invests contacts on iPhone and managed, they would probably into other software, such as the Mac, convert and utilize them there after a certain time. We show how to export the contacts from the iPhone easy and fast.  99392 backup iPhone contacts export iPhone contacts: iCloud is the easiest solution Who wants to export […]

Super Mario Maker: List of all Amiibos – these figures are compatible

In Super Mario Maker your amiibo-Samlung gets the opportunity to play around, because you have the opportunity to integrate into Jump and run and then jump with alternative characters through levels a variety of figures. But what Amiibos are supported? Our collection provides information. Buy Super Mario Maker including amiibo * rushing with Mario through […]

Microsoft HoloLens – holograms with Windows 10

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: 113.0 description Not only is Facebook with the Oculus Rift on VR and AR, and Microsoft launched before early 2015, the HoloLens, is set to revolutionize especially augmented reality in their own home. The end of January, Microsoft has introduced the HoloLens. Along with a new version of Windows 10. So there […]

read, delete, change in Firefox saved passwords

For a long time has Firefox on a feature that can be very useful. If desired, the user name you entered passwords of any Web pages are stored in the browser. After downloading Mozilla Firefox, you can test directly. Jump a password-protected site, like something the portal Ebay or your email provider to. Already they […]

NBA 2K16: So you created your All-Star small forward

One of the most popular positions in NBA 2K16 is the small forward. These players are often characterized by a good mix of assertiveness and skill. Her wanted to take good shots from all positions plus fly as high flyer through the enemy zone? Then you build your own small forward and become the Hall […]

Friday the 13th in the test: No more than playable Trash Horror

Jason Voorhees is back and brings you Friday the 13th! And this time the murderous giant is trying to win the hearts of gamers for himself by separating them neatly out of her body. Why this intervention goes wrong and convince really only in certain situations know, I'll tell you in my test. No time […]

From OnePlus 5: These features get the OnePlus 3 (T)

Although the OnePlus 5 is the latest smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer, but the OnePlus 3 and 3T were not forgotten. Effective immediately, the OxygenOS 4.5.0 is distributed as an update that brings some software features of OnePlus fifth That is new: OnePlus 3 (T) was obtained functions of the OnePlus 5 OnePlus has not […]

3. Nanatsu no Taizai – Seven Deadly Sins – GIGA

Again, this is originally a Shonen Manga, which is adapted as an anime by A-1 Pictures, since October, 2014. All the classic elements of the genre that you would expect, you will also find in the series. The Seven Deadly Sins are a group of legendary knights whose existence was thought to be wiped out. […]

GTA 5: walkthrough, tips and guides

  Michael equips the legendary film producer Solomon Richards a visit, who with his new film probelem: The second leading man will not work, his agent and the director annoying and bitchy. Michael agrees to help as a big film fan.   will arrive at the destination Michael Zeuge the arrival of a helicopter, which […]

“And what happened then …” … Facebook will filter out

Sites like could face tough times. Because Facebook wants to advance these portals that rely so much on viral spread a tie: headings, which are on click-catcher out stronger filtered out. As the social network announced the news feed to be improved so that spam and little relevant content no longer be displayed. This […]