Far Cry Primal: game world partially recycled from Far Cry 4

Ubisoft has chosen a clever shortcut for creating the game world in Far Cry Primal. As now came out, based some areas of the recently published Stone Age-action game on the map of the predecessor Far Cry fourth Far Cry Primal: Become the King of the Stone Age 5786 Far Cry Primal King of the […]

Add Date as a filter – Here’s how: Snapchat

Maybe you've already seen that people put the current date on their photo in Snapchat. If you've now desperate wiped by the Snapchat filters, but could you not find a date filter, you've done nothing wrong. We tell you in this guide as you add the date at Snapchat and how you even can even […]

assemble PC: What should you know?

Anyone reasonably familiar with computers, the trusts to put together his own PC instead of buying an already prefabricated system. Here you can decide which components are installed in the computer and save as opposed to finished PCs usually one or the other euro itself. When assembling your own PC you can decide if you […]

Netflix: Set data usage – Here’s for smartphone and PC

Those who use Netflix to stream movies regularly, sends up to 7 GB per hour through the Internet line. With a DSL volume tariff on phone or PC since there is nothing left over after a few hours. We show you how you can adjust the Datenverbauch per device with Netflix and reduce it. video […]

iPhone battery: Health test with Coconut Battery (tip)

Anyone who wishes to touch on the current status of the battery of iPhone, iPad and iPod, need to look at the free Coconut Battery tool. The software now also allows the reading of the health status and more from iOS devices. Originally, the OS X app Coconut Battery designed for MacBooks. in recent Update […]

MWS Reader – GIGA

The best German text-to-speech services: MWS Reader The fee-based text-to-speech service MWS Reader reads you from all programs before texts &# 8211; Documents, e-mails, web pages or just an e-book. Marked just the relevant text that you want to have read and MWS Reader begins with some very natural sounding voices, to bring you word […]

Princess Lillifee: download pearls hidden object game for free – GIGA

More downloads are available: In the free hidden object game Princess Lillifee: Pearl search game has the Little Mermaid terrible bad luck: Your pearl necklace is torn and plopped the colored beads in the small pond. Now her friend Princess Lillifee needs your help in finding the beads. The gameplay of Princess Lillifee: pearls hidden […]

Unigine Heaven Benchmark free download – November 2017 – GIGA

With the Unigine Heaven benchmark the company Unigine Corporation now the first DirectX 11 benchmark for the new Windows 7 and DX11 compatible graphics cards from AMD is the games affine users. Beautifully shot the astonished users are the new features of DirectX 11 &# 8211; among other tessellation - shown and also equal measure […]

ZTE: New devices by default with Google Now Launcher

Google Experience everywhere: The well-known mainly from the Nexus 5 Google Now Launcher (GNL) makes the leap to other units. With ZTE now an industry heavyweight announced to equip new device models with the Google Now launcher instead of a separate Android user interface. The importance of the launcher on an Android device is hard […]

Your experiences with o2: coverage, service, price

O2 has made in recent times rather negative headlines name for itself: Weak network coverage, disappointing customer service and trickery while roaming are accused of the mobile operator. We asked for your opinion about O2 and the previous result is surprising: Despite criticism seems o2 to be better than its reputation. Source: © O2 to […]

HTTP / HTTPS – meaning

The HTTP importance is due to the breakdown of the Internet in different areas. Just as FTP stands for file-related use of the Internet, the HTTP protocol makes up the majority of websites. We tell you where that comes from. 376 What's HTTP (s)? Like so much in the WWW (World Wide Web) is also […]

God of War: Kratos and son in the mighty Trailer

Of course there was at E3 2017 new material to God of War. Kratos and his son get it in the new trailer, among other things with a huge to do Snake-like monsters. 2930 God of War - E3 2017 - Be A Warrior - gameplay trailer God of War goes away from the Greek […]

PS Vita Content Manager Assistant

Thus, the PS Vita can be connected to the PC, the download and installation of the Content Manager Assistants is required. The application allows the data management between PS Vita and PC. Top 10 PS Vita games 103537 GIGA Expertengespräch - The PS Vita Vita connect with PC: PS Vita Content Manager Assistant With the […]