Dark Souls 3: Soul of ash in the Boss Guide with Video

With the soul of the ashes you encountered in Dark Souls 3 of the ultimate end boss. It represents a conglomerate of all ash princes and uses a wide range of spells, miracles and Pyromantien. He also has the exact same move-set as final boss Gwyn from the first Dark Souls in the second phase. […]

Ark Survival Evolved: price increase breeds resentment

The official release of Ark Survival Evolved is imminent. To make the game leaves the early access phase after several months. In preparation for this step, the developers have raised the price of survival games. But this does not taste the community. 26885 Ark Survival Evolved The Center Trailer Ark Survival Evolved is now since […]

Divinity: Original Sin 2

More downloads are available: After a long development time, developers of Larian Studios have the role-playing game Divinity: Original Sin completed 2, the game is available on Steam or GOG.com for download since 09.14.2017. You must now decide whether to continue the successful predecessor Divinity &# 8211; Original Sin his money's worth! Here we collect […]

Change Email Address – Find it: XING

In XING you can have a business and enter a private e-mail address will be sent to the well XING newsletter. We show in this guide, can such change her your email address in XING. In XING you can specify a business and a private email address. The settings to change the email address, but […]

Appointment at the Apple Store – how it works

iPhone broken? iOS spins? You want to try on the latest Apple Watch or have questions about the new iPad - often this is only possible if you make yourselves an appointment in each Apple Store. As you attain this state is best, we tell you the following article. Source: Apple Offer: 6s iPhone with […]

find cool wallpapers for Windows or smartphones

Define cool wallpapers! Of course that means something different for everyone. We once watched, where there are really great photographed images and unique graphics for you. What makes cool wallpapers, depends in part on personal taste, but also partly by the hardware requirements. While it was previously filled in with a picture of 1024 by […]

Record Internet Radio – legal and easy

The Internet is a source of endless Downloads &# 8211; and music downloads. But the most affordable and simple, legal way get hold online to music, is when we receive from the Internet radio. so goes&# 8217; s! Thousands of radio stations stream their broadcasts and the Internet. Some &Transmitter; # 8220&# 8221; radiate their […]

GTA 5: walkthrough, tips and guides

  Trevor and Michael talk about the future and the past, and finally it seems to ring when Trev - he realized that his old Freund Brad was buried instead of Michael ten years ago. In a rage he steals Michael's car and we drive him to the airport. From here we take the machine […]

Steam: SteamVR performance test in detail

In early April 2016, the HTC Vive, which was developed in collaboration with Valve appeared. Sure, so that their Steam needed to be able to play with your Vive. The Steam VR performance test shows you whether your PC has the necessary power to see games for the HTC Vive liquid. Is your PC VR-ready? […]

Mem Reduct Download

More downloads are available: With the freeware utility Mem Reduct we can to shovel our Windows main memory. If desired, you can automatically as soon as the space is scarce. Visually, the small program not look like much. The German language interface hides most of its features in the settings. At the start of Mem […]

Operation Flashpoint: Red River play – GIGA

More downloads are available: It's been already 10 years that the tactical shooter "Operation Flashpoint - Cold War Crisis" was published. the title was programmed by then unknown, Czech development studio Bohemia Interactive. For lovers of demanding - in other words, &# 8211; authentic war simulations, OFP was an absolute milestone, its quality should remain […]

Sony Xperia X Compact: Release, technical data, pictures and price

GIGA-rating: Reader Rating: Buy on Amazon description With the Xperia X Compact Sony continues the tradition of hand-portable, yet powerful smartphones. Unlike previous members of its class, the Xperia X Compact yet but must accept some compromises and no longer offers the usual top-class level in the shrunken format.  Sony's new strategy is particularly evident […]