Wileyfox Spark im Test: Erwartung trifft auf Wirklichkeit

Mit dem das junge Wileyfox Spark britische Unternehmen bietet ein neues Einsteiger-Smartphone An, das erster Linie durch einen in günstigen Preis und das natürlich über möchte Cyanogen OS punkten. Ob die Erwartungen werden an das Smartphone erfüllt Kauf und der sich lohnt tatsächlich, verraten wir euch in unserem ausführlichen Testbericht. Kurz-Fazit vorweg: Die Erwartungen an […]

18 GB di RAM im Android-Smartphone: Turing annuncia la Ciaccona di Monolith Das

Zur Seite, iPhone 7! Gegen das sieht Chaconne Monolith Turing Mele neues Vorzeige-Smartphone aus wie ein Witz Müder. Auszug aus den Spezifikationen gefällig? Das wird von Gleich Monolith Chaconne drei befeuert Snapdragon 830, 18 GB di RAM cappello und kann mit einer Bord un 60-MP-Kamera aufwarten! Vor einigen Tagen wurde bereits das Turing telefono Cadenza […]

TubeMate: YouTube-Video downloaden per Android App

Wer sucht einen Weg einfachen, YouTube-Video auf sein oder Android-Smartphone -Tablet herunterzuladen, ricerca nicht weiter. Mit stellen wir eine komfortable TubeMate App vor, umido der man sich mit Futter ausreichend Video-Download für unterwegs per versorgen kann. Unterwegs schnell ein paar male YouTube-Video zu genießen, Smartphone kann Ganz schnell Nutzer hierzulande an den Rand des Nervenzusammenbruchs […]

Huawei Mate S: aufräumen Mit dem Speicher und Telefonmanager RAM

Huawei Das ist mit einem Mate S Telefonmanager ausgestattet, bietet der einige Funktionen, um das zu schnell und Smartphone sauber halten. Wir zeigen Euch, wie sich damit interner Speicher und RAM bereinigen lassen. Im laufe der Zeit sich jedes Fullt Smartphone Apps mit Inhalten und, die das Gerät ausbremsen können. Um dem entgegenzuwirken, cappello Huawei […]

94% Lösungen bis livello 210 (Aggiornamento Juli 2016)

Livello 14, 15, 16 Um eine Frage zu entsprechende delle imprese, die einfach verwendet Suchfunktion EURES browser ( "Ctrl" + "F" und den Suchbegriff Gebt, bzw. die Frage entsprechende ein. Livello 14 Lösung 94% Das habe ich immer bei mir castrare a portata di mano schlüssel Tasche Taschentuch Zigaretten Uhr Autoteil Auspuff Bremse Fenster Lenkrad […]

PS4: Creating folders and create

Many players longed for a long time you have with firmware 4.0 on the PlayStation 4, finally, the ability to create folders and you to gain a better overview on your console. In this guide, we show you how you can invest their folders and manage. PS4 buy Pro now! * The PlayStation 4 has […]

Change iTunes E-mail: A new ID for the Apple Store

Who does not know that &# 8211; the old mail address specify too many pages and eventually you get only spam. The solution is simple &# 8211; a new e-mail address will be created and the old deleted. Now you only have to all services that are registered on the old address, information about the […]

Best Farming Simulator 2013 Mods (+ Download)

The Farming Simulator 2013 has reached about viral marketing the hearts of gamers around the world. So it surprised no way that the modding community has quickly become aware of the professional simulation. We have some of the coolest Farming Simulator 2013 Mods gathered for you, so that you can make your game even more […]

Care proxy form Download

This form of power of attorney comes from the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection. So it is quite safe in any case. The health care proxy-form comes as a PDF file for all systems. After downloading this form you can load the key data this file with most PDF readers and fill directly. […]

Just Cause 3: This is the first gameplay hours and map

In less than a week Just Cause 3 seems all over the world. We show you not only the map of the game, but a bold and action-packed hours of pure gameplay! Where? Here! 2647 Just Cause 3 first hour of gameplay Perhaps you think that it's getting boring to tell you constantly that 3 […]

Red Dead Redemption 2: Fans measure already the game world from

The new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 has hit the big waves. While most players by just waiting longer to the release, some fans took the opportunity to pull a few details from the video. When they begin now with the fact the game world to measure and assess. To this trailer for Red […]

Mau Mau rules: 7, 8, last card and Lady

Mau Mau is one of the evergreens of the card, after all, can learn the game quickly and bring almost any card game on the gaming table. So that there is the next game night to no heated discussions, you will find here the Mau Mau rules with the meanings of each card. Target of […]

Wileyfox Spark in the test: expectation meets reality

With the Spark Wileyfox the young British company is offering a new entry-level smartphone that wants to score in the first place an economic price, and of course about the Cyanogen OS. If the expectations are met to the smartphone and the purchase is actually worth, we tell you in our detailed review. Short-Conclusion first: […]

A firewall for Windows 7 installed in a few steps

The Windows Firewall is to protect our computers from attacks since Vista. But she works very rudimentary and often makes the wrong programs. But we can replace it with a free firewall that can do much more! While it is theoretically possible to easily improve the built-in firewall in Windows 7 using a tool such […]