PlayStation VR: Sony announces 60 games

Birthday of Sony's VR headset for the PlayStation 4, the manufacturer now published a list of more than 60 upcoming titles. Among the titles are also some surprises. As we reported earlier, Sony could now reach more than one million player with his VR goggles for PlayStation. Coming addition, the glasses are available for a […]

save music from videos: Dailymotion to MP3

So-called "Dailymotion-to-MP3-services" to download videos of the platform, convert them into MP3 files and offer them for download. Ye can optionally use has browser plug-ins or Web pages. That's how it's done... whether such Dailymotion-to-MP3 downloads legally are about the sides separate opinion. But no one will use them to distribute the downloaded music in […]

What is a link? How would the Internet look like without links?

A link connects the web sites together. However that links can also "lie". We tell you what links and also would like the Internet look like without links. Content: What is a link? How would the Internet look like without links? How do you know where a link really leads? What is the difference between […]

Worms Reloaded

Kamikaze! The Worms are back. In Worms Reloaded Team 17 falls back on tried and true mechanics and takes even again the classical and popular 2D graphics before. Retro fun addictive. The perfect game for LAN parties. 11941 Worms Reloaded Trailer - GIGA It says in Worms Reloaded again: On it with chirping roar. Up […]

Aquarium Software AquaLot Download free – GIGA

All events and processes around your aquarium can be detected quickly and easily with the help of AquaLot and managed. The Aquarium software is also available as Malawi Edition and provides complete overview of cichlids from Lake Malawi. If you want to torment a fish, then take a fat goldfish and locks him in a […]

Ravensburger WebPuzzles download free – GIGA

With the Ravensburger WebPuzzles puzzle fans can now also pursue their passion online. The combination of traditional puzzle fun and new online functionality ensures for a new and unique puzzle experience. Whether landscapes or cartoons, animals or works of art, thanks to more than 300 puzzle motifs in eight different levels from 20 to 500 […]

Lightning Brigade: Plink online and FPS action (Android / iOS)

description With Blitz Brigade of the developer Gameloft delivers a properly loopy online first-person shooter for mobile devices. Are you there yet? The French development studio Gameloft is known for games with elaborate graphics and sophisticated gameplay. A look at their extensive Play store promotion (currently 80 apps) quickly makes clear: The concept works successfully. […]

What is the Windows Store in Windows 10? Easily explained

In Windows 10 welcomes you into the taskbar and the new Windows Store, you can install new apps on the. What he is good, how it works and where the differences from the Windows Store in Windows 8 are, we revealed here. 349265 10 reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 Buy Windows 10 - Amazon […]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5: When will Germany start?

Marvel and the US channel ABC have a new fifth season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. approved. All 22 episodes then hold new cases for the specialist team led by Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) ready. Which Marvel Star sit in the director's chair and when the fifth season could have its release in Germany, we tell […]


Todoist is a free to-do list for Windows, Android, Mac and iOS, which can be operated via a client in the browser and also via app. The tool is reminiscent of tasks and appointments with push notifications, which you can assign their time and a priority. Also you can manage projects and tasks linked to […]

Pokémon Ultra Sun & amp; Moon: If a return to Kanto before?

A certain image of the new trailer for Pokémon Ultra sun and moon is Pokémon enthusiasts particularly noticed. In this can be seen in a place which reminds with its yellow tiles and numerous trash cans in a certain arena from previous Pokémon adventures. Is a trip before back to the Kanto region? 14103 Pokémon […]