TubeMate: YouTube videos download via Android app

Those looking for an easy way to download YouTube videos to its Android smartphone or tablet, look no further. With TubeMate we present a convenient app, thanks to the hand to provide via download on the go with enough video feed. fast to enjoy a few YouTube videos on the go time, smartphone users can […]

Schedule and birthday planner (Excel) Download

Never again forget appointments or verpeilen birthdays! Futures and birthday planner for Excel offers you the ideal add-on for the spreadsheet so that you forget any data. The program can be used as futures and birthday planners simultaneously. The emphasis is on ease of use and comfortable clarity. Once the data is entered, you the […]

Huawei Mate S: clean up with the Phone Manager storage and RAM

The Huawei Mate S is equipped with a phone manager that offers some features to keep your smartphone clean and fast. We show you how internal memory and RAM can be clean with it. Over time, each smartphone with apps and content that can slow down the device fills. To counter this, Huawei has developed […]

Blobby Volley 3D play – GIGA

The free Blobby Volley 3D is a fun sports game in which you take on the role of a flabby Blobby and antrittst in entertaining volleyball matches against an opposing team. The Blobbies somewhat reminiscent of the familiar Flubber movie characters and have no arms or legs. The ball you therefore play directly on the […]

Change GIMP image size – so you adjust the image size

Often it is necessary to subsequently affect the size of an image &# 8211; whether for artistic or practical reasons, such as in the space optimization. This short tutorial will teach you step by step how you can change the GIMP image size. 7697 Winload GIMP Bildgröà ?? e verändern Video Start your GIMP software […]

Kinovea download

With the Kinovea download you get an open source video editing program specifically for sports fans, with the play these sports videos in slow motion and study as well as add comments and can perform calculations. Of the Kinovea download is easy to use and yet powerful. Videos can be added at key positions arrows, […]

Hatred: rampage as a game – a comment

So now it's happened: Someone makes a game about a gunman, and it is not produced in a dark chamber indie game of a pain-filled teenager, the steam is to release, but elaborately produced, with an entire studio behind it. No deeper meaning seems to be behind "Hatred" - it's all about a guy who […]

This video shows how GTA disturbing than VR implementation would

In keeping with the release of PlayStation VR YouTuber the collective Corridor published an ingenious video about how GTA would look in virtual reality. And that proves that the VR conversion for the open world would be a really bad idea. Do you remember at the fantastic video of Corridor in which it was shown […]

94% solutions to level 210 (Update July 2016)

Level 14, 15, 16 In order to find an appropriate question, just use the search function of your browser ( "Ctrl" + "F" and give the search term, or the corresponding question. 94% solution level 14 I have always with me money mobile key bag Handkerchief cigarettes Clock auto part Exhaust brake window steering wheel […]

Instructions: SHSH blobs avec TinyUmbrella sécurisé

Avec le premier jailbreak untethered d'iOS 6.1 juste autour du coin il y a quelques tâches importantes que vous ne devriez pas faire avant de l'utiliser dans un jailbreak. En plus d'une sauvegarde obligatoire de données sur chaque appareil iOS (via iTunes ou iCloud) devrait également être sûr de sauvegarder le certificat SHSH pour la […]