Pokémon Gold and Silver: As of Friday for the 3DS erhätlich

The Golden and Silver Edition will return! On September 22, you can load both cult games on your Nintendo 3DS. In addition, so you can expect a rare Pokémon. 1120 Pokémon - Golden and Silver Edition - 3DS Trailer On Friday, you finally have the opportunity to discover a part of your childhood on the […]

Amazon Echo in Germany for sale soon possible

With Amazon Echo the online retail giant released its own speaker system with built-in voice control "Alexa". In the US, Echo is already available, but when Amazon will echo in Germany? It has long been speculated, now there is finally an official announcement. Find out here from when Amazon Echo will be available in Germany. […]

Netflix: Code ui-800-2 – Solution

Unfortunately, the cryptic error message many services help rarely in problem solving. What lies just behind the Netflix error code ui-800-2 and how you can fix the error, we will show you the following howto. Netflix error code ui-800-2 &# 8211; importance & affected devices The Netflix Code ui-800-2 appears normally on when you try […]

Xbox One: dock apps on the home screen

The Xbox One also offers the ability to use apps in addition to many features. With the Kinect Not only individual applications can be used but are performed and displayed simultaneously. As you apps to dock or undock can we show you in this article. The XboX One shows up as a true multi-tasker. By […]

Ashampoo Photo Commander 15

Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 download you get a complete solution for viewing, editing and organizing your photos, and the program is characterized among other things by an extensive support geotagging. Note: This download you get a demo version, the full version of Ashampoo Photo Commander 15 * can earn their example, under the previous link. […]

WhatsApp: Edit message – how does that work?

subsequently edited in WhatsApp messages - that could soon be possible. Because the developers are working on a feature that you can change your messages later. So should run this: Video Tip | protect the WhatsApp account from hackers 31191 Enable two-factor authentication: WhatsApp WhatsApp: edit message An editing function in Messenger is very handy […]

Instructions: SHSH blobs with TinyUmbrella secure

With the first untethered jailbreak of iOS 6.1 just around the corner there are a few important tasks that you should not do before using it in a jailbreak. In addition to a mandatory backup of data on each iOS device (either via iTunes or iCloud) should also be sure to back up the SHSH […]

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: More Free DLC on its way

Even before release CD Projekt RED has announced that there are some free DLC for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be. Still, these weeks are a new mission and a new look for Yennefer appear for you. 16 free DLCs the development team plans to release over time. Two have already been made available, […]

PC Games 2014: These 10 games are definitely gambled on the computer!

PC or console? This age-old question is hochgejazzt in each new generation of games for fatalistic fate question. The PC then disciples always liked to draw with arguments like better graphics, a more flexible hardware, the thriving indie scene or the cheaper prices in the war against the consoles. however, their defenders call you even […]

The best Dr. House Quotes: His meanest Proverbs

The best Dr. House Quotes: His meanest Proverbs Marek Bang on 21/01/2016 at 16:50 Three years after the end of &# 8220; Dr. House&# 8221; the series enjoys great popularity. This is mainly due to the charismatic actor Hugh Laurie and his unconventional methods and nasty war of words. We have therefore the best quotes […]

Bang Boom Bang – A sure-fire thing – GIGA

Old hat as I&# 8217; ll be back!, We have deliberately left outside &# 8211; This gum is already durchgelatscht. Movie quotes are the ones who make the movies only live truly and significantly also determine the coolness- or cult factor. Ultimately, they represent even the whole movie if you want to make someone else […]

GTA 5: walkthrough, tips and guides

  After all have uniformed, we grab our car, drive to the bank and meet one of our shooters. The Speil changes to Franklin, who sits in the drill. We control the drill carefully a piece forward and to the left, to the selected map wall. With directional pad right we start the drill and […]

BayOrganizer Download – November 2017 – GIGA

The BayOrganizer download is a useful software for processing eBay auctions (an extension for Ricardo.ch is available). Of the BayOrganizer download is the Sales Management for eBay, Amazon, xt: Commerce, Yatego, booklooker, Gambio, Mallux and Ricardo.ch. With the BayOrganizer download it manages the processing status of completed purchases, sales and auctions, evaluates graphically from, simplifies […]