Filehoster – the best providers

You want to send large files quickly and free of charge? The simplest variant is a file hosting, which is called because of its ease of use and one-click hosters. So it is faster than using a cloud service such as Dropbox. You have to just go to the website of the file hoster to […]

Clean Mac: So you can clean your Apple hardware

Dust, hair, greasy fingerprints or even nicotine: Sooner or later, no Mac is safe from. Macs are utilitarian objects and require from time to cleaning. In particular MacBooks suffer in the long run under the external influences. We show how to make the hardware shine. Clean Mac: Tips & tricks General precautions: Basically you should turn […]

World of WarCraft: Players defeated raid boss alone

Raid bosses put in MMO World of WarCraft whole groups of players with great challenges. Of a fight on its own is there not to think - or is it? The latest major update for World of Warcraft was the version 7.3. What it brings everything with it, you can see here: 949 World of […]

iPhone 5: Change charging socket, USB, Lightning connector

If your iPhone 5 will not charge, then that could be due to a defective Lightning port. We show you in a detailed video on how it substitutes for your charging socket. In our Photogallery we show you all also in short form. 12987 Switch USB charging socket - iPhone 5 Difficulty: Moderate Reason: Not […]

Create Steam Group – Here’s how and brings it

The online download service Steam offers you not only the possibility, at any time downloading thousands of games, you can also create your own Steam group. In the following guide, we show you how it works and what it entails. 9478 Winload Steam Account Create Video Steam is no longer a pure download providers more. […]

5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis – Complete info at GIGA

After we took the WCW down, the WWE has only the TNA who is also a larger audience is made available to a reasonably popular competitors. 5 Star Wrestling there is another wrestling spin off the biggest league worldwide. For spring 2016 Serious Parody now announces 5 Star Wrestling: Genesis of a new wrestling game […]

X-Men: First day in the live stream and ZDF at 22:15

Tonight at 22:25 can you the prequel to the X-Men series: First Class on ZDF and live stream * see. The film tells the back story of the mutant Magneto aka Erik Lehnsherr, who was tortured as a child in a German concentration camp cruel. Erik launches a vendetta &# 8211; Mystique and other mutants […]

learn keyboard: the best online courses

If you ask his friends, everyone wants to play keyboard, but no one wants to learn with difficulty the keyboard. Here you can learn and scored after only a few lessons first results it online. Here are our ... You should of course have a keyboard before gets going. But it is not absolutely necessary […]

Dark Souls 3 Exploit: Boss souls duplicate

A newly submerged exploit to Dark Souls 3 allows you duplicating Boss souls to come quickly to countless souls and fix level up. In this guide we show you how to exactly use the exploit. Here is some finger acrobatics of distress and you should make sure to back up your saved game. Dark Souls […]

Repairs by third parties: home button of the iPhone 7 loses function

According to reports, the Home button can be repaired only by an authorized dealer or the Apple Store. Take him other workshops before, it is not functional. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus an exchange by third parties is for the time being no longer possible. Even in older iPhone the functionality […]