Yo-Kai Watch: QR codes for Yo-kaimat coins

An important goal in Yo-Kai Watch is collecting Yo-Kai with your magic PM. These spirits can get in different ways her. Either you defeat them directly in battle or they meet you in the numerous side missions. But there you have the Yo-Kaimaten. Just as your first Yo-Kai, you can also further from this device […]

Clash of Clans: build village, defend, delete or buy

Clash of Clans has captured the hearts of the strategy-building players by storm and continues to enjoy increasing popularity. The construction of the village in Clash of Clans is a crucial factor if one wants to be the best. Who is dissatisfied with his arrangement might want to delete his village and build a new […]

94% solutions to level 210 (Update July 2016)

Children often have their own taste. No wonder, then, that there are at least a children's menu on every menu. In addition, you need to know which countries have a blue flag in this level. Feed on the children's menu ice cream fish sticks nuggets Pizza French fries schnitzel spaghetti Start Photogallery (7 pictures) The […]

How do I get Open Office to the iPad?

One equals advance: There is no Open Office app for the iPad! It is not so that you could start a download OpenOffice in order to work on the Apple tablet. However, there are of course still solutions that you can use the various parts of OpenOffice to work on the iPad. We explain the […]

Sony Xperia Z2: The most common problems and solutions

Sony Xperia Z2 Problem 3: Wi-Fi connection does not connect or cancels It is not unusual that occur with release of a smartphone connection problems. It is increasingly reported that the Z2 does not connect to a Wi-Fi network or that the connection is not stable. Solution: To resolve network problems with the Xperia Z2, […]

Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 3: No in-game currency after patch

The new Warhammer 40K update brings some interesting new features with it, including the in-game currency was abolished. Here you can watch the trailer for Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War View third 2176 Dawn of War 3 - Announcement Trailer (German) The developers of the strategy game Warhammer 40K &# 8211; Dawn of War 3 […]

World of Warships: Myoko Guide – The heavy cruiser fantastic Japanese!

In World of Warships is the Myoko the first regular heavy cruisers of the Japanese Navy. That you provide to the oversized Kreuzer also neat for unrest in Wargamings naval battles, we have collected all kinds of strategies and tactics to Myoko here. 62158 World Of Warships The Myoko is as heavy cruiser unequal tougher […]

Fallout 4: All Perks at a glance – Skills and requirements (Update with 7 new ranks of & quot; Far Harbor & quot;)

Endurance: All Perks Overview Your endurance determines your physical fitness. With it your health points are established and how much action points consumed her while sprinting. Requires 1 point in endurance Hardness: You gain increased damage resistance. Rank 1: +10 Damage Resistance Rank 2 (Lv from 9): +20 Damage Resistance Rank 3 (Lv from 18): +30 Damage Resistance Rank […]

iTunes Match announce how it works!

iTunes Match runs for one year and automatically renewed for another 12 months, if the user does not terminate. The termination can you lead the way at any time. That is how it goes: Beginners may ask themselves: What is iTunes Match, anyway? It is a the download or streaming music service from Apple. we […]

install touch Siri on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPod: Instructions

Apple's intelligent assistant Siri can be for some time on older iOS devices install a jailbreak of course provided. Until recently porting Siri, however, was relatively complex and not always blessed with success. In follow that tutorial we will show the currently fastest and easiest way Siri on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3 […]

ArmA 2 Beta Patch – November 2017 – Complete info at GIGA

ArmA 2 BETA Patch On the official website you can find the latest patches for tactical shooter &# 8220; ArmA 2&# 8243 ;. Should you had problems with password requests have, then simply select the top option in the changelog. description of Jonas Wekenborg videos & product images GIGA Failplay - DayZ

Resident Evil 7 Demo: Unlock all ends

The Resident Evil 7 demo was made directly after the announcement at E3 2016 PlayStation Plus members on the PlayStation 4 is available. In the playable teaser &8220; Beginning Hour&# 8221; you have to escape from a scary house wherein their thereby experiencing different endings, depending on the procedure. We show you in this guide […]