Browser Fingerprint – What is it? How to prevent? Easily explained

In terms of tracking you often hear the term browser fingerprint or browser fingerprinting. But what is a browser-fingerprint anyway? And why is it used? We show you in this guide, what the browser fingerprinting is and what he reveals about you. video | Unwanted tracking is not cool 4927 Disconnect - Unwanted tracking is […]

Tip 3: If Forumprofi create a forum – GIGA

Significantly professional acts in any case. We can choose from over 300 different layouts and opt out of 6 software solutions for. The offer is also free and funded by advertising. Forumprofi: Again, we can create a free forum What are the general characteristics of our new forum has depends on which forums software […]

play Kill Team for free – November 2017 – GIGA: Warhammer 40K

Not only full-price titles available on the E3 2011 in Los Angeles mention. So you can hear something new from the "Warhammer universe." The now officially announced "Warhammer 40K: Kill Team" will therefore appear as an arcade game for the download portals of HD consoles Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 console. As a kind of […]

So! Muncu! at n-tv live stream and TV today

Serdar Somuncu is one of the most popular and at the same time most controversial TV faces Germany. The comedian of Turkish origin do to offend with controversial issues and has a large fan base built up. Meanwhile Somuncu also has his own show on TV. So you can! Muncu! see a live stream and […]

Reset Mac: Find it

Do you want to sell your old Mac or spins the MacBook in your daily work, you should reset the Mac. With the reset to the factory settings, all personal data and settings will be deleted from Apple computers. Thats how it works. Especially when new Mac models are in the house, the thought arises, […]

ARK – Survival Evolved: new map & quot; The Center & quot; in detail

The makers of Dino-open world ARK: Survival Evolved paste additional content in the early access game at regular intervals. New dinosaur, objects, weapons and Co. enrich so little by little your gameplay. The patch 241.0 brings you even a new card called &# 8220; The Center&# 8221 ;.  Stop! So new is the Map &# […]

TuneUp Utilities 2011 free download

TuneUp Utilities 2011 offers the TuneUp currently free for download at *. clean up an excellent software to Windows and to make the road again. We explain how you get the free license. The software: With the help of TuneUp Utilities, Windows can clear up quickly and easily, and optimize. The program is clearly designed […]

Nexus 6 (2015): Concept video leaves you wanting more

In a concept video, based on detailed blueprints of phablets, you get a sense of how Google could present the Nexus 6 (2015) to the world. With background music and the appropriate staging the design of phablets built by Huawei suddenly looks quite appealing - although the unofficial video can give no concrete clues as […]

Apple ID forgotten – what now?

The Apple ID is the user for many Apple services. Who has forgotten the Apple ID can not access apps, music and books - even iMessage and FaceTime are affected. We show you how to get back to the entrance. Source: Apple Apple ID forgotten: As you arrive at the name and password On various […]

Télécharger Modèles d’accès

Gestion des commandes pour les petites entreprises et les entreprises artisanales Le logiciel a été développé AVP6 aux petites entreprises et les entreprises artisanales afin de permettre la création facile et rapide des devis et des factures .. exige au moins Microsoft accès 2010 au .. télécharger

En 80 jours autour du jeu du monde – GIGA

Préparez vos valises, parce que dans le jeu de match-3 en 80 jours à travers le monde à la nouvelle tournée mondiale! L'année est 1872 et il est de gagner un pari. Pour que vous avez en Angleterre, la France, l'Egypte, la Chine, le Japon et articles zusammenpuzzeln aux Etats-Unis. Pas une tâche facile. Sur […]

Foudre adaptateur HDMI: puce ARM et de la mémoire dans le bouchon

Apple Lightning adaptateur AV / HDMI numérique est relativement cher à 49 euros. Mais dans l'adaptateur est beaucoup plus la technologie que vous pourriez penser au premier coup d'œil: Apple a construit une puce ARM et même 256 Mo de RAM dans l'adaptateur. Cependant, la qualité de l'image, ne permet pas; au contraire. Les créateurs […]