simply shrink clips – WhatsApp video size

There are good reasons to reduce the size of WhatsApp videos. Reaching a certain limit to clips can not ship in the Messenger. Additionally, smaller files burdening your mobile phone memory, of course, less. After a reduction of WhatsApp video size you have suffered no noticeable difference in quality. Here you learn how reduced her your files.

simply shrink clips - WhatsApp video size

WhatsApp video size - Restrictions

Want to send her about the Messenger a video, this may not be larger than 16 megabytes. Will this be therefore smaller, but not shorter, changing the file type is probably the solution. Converts its the clip in a more favorable format, so decreases its size, but not its length. Also there is no real visible difference in quality.



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Decrease clips with programs

First, you have to send from the phone to the PC the videos. For this closes her your smartphone with the transfer cable that came with the device to the computer. follow what steps will depend on your cell phone. Often a transfer program installs itself. Alternatively, you can send the videos online on your PC, for example, a cloud service like Dropbox. Now you convert the files easily to a free video program.


VirtualDub offers you different types of compression your files. is well suited as a rule, the x264 codec. More frequently used codecs that holds the program are XviD and DivX.


CodeOne, Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 2.5

VirtualDub download for free


Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video Converter saves your clips as MP4, AVI or WMV files. In addition to these and other common file types you can you opt for unusual options such as MKV or DEATH.


Tool of the Day - Freemake Video Converter

download Freemake Video Converter free


After you have your files processed, you will take these to your smartphone. If these are now each no larger than 16 MB, sending with WhatsApp should work.


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