The Croods 2: When is the release date now?

The computer animated film "The Croods" came in 2013 in the cinemas and was both financially and by critics page a success. The sequel to "The Croods 2" was actually already decided. But as it now stands because to the sequel?

The Croods takes us back to the Stone Age: The Croods family is confronted with changes in the Earth that does not please the more conservative patriarch Grug. Because of these changes, the Cave of Croods threatens to collapse. Fortunately, learning Eep - know Guy who thinks more advanced, and the family helps to find a new home - daughter of Grug.


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The Croods 2: Why a sequel makes sense

The production costs of The Croods were at 135 million euros. The revenue worldwide, however, at 587 million US dollars. The production of a sequel was almost a must from a financial perspective. But critics was well received The Croods 2014 the film in the category "Best Animated Feature" was nominated for an Oscar.

And the production company DreamWorks and Universal saw the need for a second part and gave the production in order. The release date has even been dated to 21 December 2017th


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The Croods 2: Production company pulls the plug


© DreamWorks Animation

So far so good. Unfortunately, everything was then but not as planned: The release date has been moved from 2017 to 2018th The final turning point came in then end of 2016. That's when the production companies have stopped work on Croods second Reasons for the out did not exist. So at least were not officially named. However, many employees worked for years in the sequel. Unfortunately Croods 2 was not only placed on hold, but all on ice. We can not count on a second part for the time being.

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