Firefox: Uninstall Plugins – how it works

In Firefox plugins themselves are not so easy to uninstall. We show how it works.


Firefox: What's about: config?

In Firefox menu located plugins can only disable but not delete. Should you not be enough and want to remove it a plugin completely, we show you how to do it.

Uninstall Firefox Plugins

  1. Give into the address bar of Firefox about: plugins and press Enter.
  2. You see all of the installed plugins and what folder path they are stored.

    Firefox displays a list of installed plugins.

    Firefox displays a list of installed plugins.

  3. In Windows Explorer (shortcut: Windows + E) navigates you to the path and deletes the file or rename it. Example: npswf32.dll will npswf32.dll.old.
  4. The plugin will then no longer be found in Firefox and not used.

reinitialize the plugin database

In some cases, plugins can not be uninstalled or installed. To fix the error, you should re-initialization of the plugin database to perform:

  1. Give Firefox in the address bar, type about: support one.
  2. Click open the General Information for profile folder to the folder button.

    Here you open your profile folder of Firefox.

    Here you open your profile folder of Firefox.

  3. A window will open with your profile folder.
  4. Includes Firefox.
  5. Deletes the profile folder the file pluginreg.dat and start Firefox again.
  6. about typed described in the address bar above: plugins and press Enter to display the list of installed plugins in Firefox.
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