Narcos Season 3: Start date for the new episodes – so you continue

Since 2 September 2016, the new episodes of Narcos Relay 2 can be seen on Netflix. For quite a while, there were rumors that the second season might be the last of the popular and award-winning Netflix drug drama. The streaming service is different and ordered only a few days after the start of the second season to continue. Not only Narcos-Season 3, but even a fourth season was confirmed. Now there is also a start date for the third Narcos-season.

The filming of the third season are in full swing. Now that we have the official confirmation from Netflix and now established a start-date, we can get a few thoughts on the third season.

Here the announcement teaser for you:


Narcos Season 3 - Announcement

Who has not seen "Narcos" Season 2, be warned here spoilers!

Why there will be no third Narcos relay Pablo Escobar

  • Fans of the series have to do is wait a few weeks. From September 1, the new episodes of the third season of Narcos Netflix are available for retrieval.
  • In the finale of the second season, the story of Pablo Escobar was told.
  • In the new episodes so a new hunting moves to a drug lord at the center. DEA agent Javier Pena sets out to dismantle the Cali cartel.

The series "Narcos" follows almost exactly the resume of drug lord Pablo Escobar. The first season included his rise and played in a time frame of 10 years. Great leaps in time, there were not in season. 2 This is solely about Pablo's existence as boss of drug cartel and ultimately to his death. Because the main character of the series dies in the end, many suspected that it will not proceed with the "narcos" with a third season. However, the skeptics pushed Netflix a stop to and confirmed two new Seasons drug series.

Narcos Season 3: Start date for the new episodes - so you continue

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Eric Newman, producer of the series, expresses that "narcos" should never turn around Pablo Escobar alone. Rather, the series focuses on including the emergence of the global drug ring. The producer says, "Narco deals with cocaine, and cocaine is also available for Escobar." An official release date is available for the third season now, in early September it comes with new material on.

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The trailer gives you an insight to the events in Narcos-Season 3:


Narcos Season 3 Teaser

 "Narcos" goes in Season 3 next

Escobar actor Moura Wagner confirmed that he will no longer be part of the cast for a third season. It is still not known in which direction the new episodes will go. Enough "stuff" for continuing and new settings there. Thus, the drug war it will continue after the death of Escobar. The "Cali" cartel will therefore play a major role in the new episodes. In addition, the focus could be given to other drug lords 90s. New to the cast is Kerry Bishé. The actress will play the wife of a Cartell-Colombian. Michael also Stahl-David and Matt Whelan encounter newly added to Narcos-Cast. Both should mimic DEA members.

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