What to do if Google Chrome is slow?

Normally, the Google Chrome web browser is a dependable, which is characterized by stability and speed. But if the program is running noticeably slower and websites require several seconds to load, something is wrong. The task is then to find out where the problem is and fix it as soon as possible.

First of all, should be narrow, if the problem is actually in the Google Chrome browser and only then go to the Troubleshooting within the program. Is it certain that the problem occurs only in Google Chrome, you try to disable extensions and browser data.

Google Chrome slow Cause 1: All browsers are slower

If the problem occurs only with a single website and invite all other pages normal, is most likely a problem with the servers of the website. to give notice except for the website operator you can even do anything about it. Checks also surfing with other browsers. View the comparable slow, there may be a problem with your Internet connection or your computer. Check your Internet connection and ensures that your computer is free of malware. Tests also whether your firewall slowed Internet traffic by her temporarily disabled this.

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Google Chrome slow Cause 2: Only Google Chrome is slow

Google Chrome incognito slowly

The Incognito mode of Chrome extensions and disable the browser cache

Are you arrived at your check to the conclusion that the problem must be due to Google Chrome, even trying to browse in incognito mode. Actuated to either the Ctrl-Shift-N or actuated in Chrome menu in the upper right corner of the user interface selection &# 8220; New Incognito Window&# 8221 ;. The Incognito mode of Google Chrome extensions disabled and ignores the browser cache. Faulty plug-ins are the most common sources of problems in the browser.

Slowly remove Google Chrome browser data

The browser cache can slow down the Google Chrome strong

If the problem is fixed now, it clears the browser history on the Chrome menu -> &Tools; # 8220&# 8221; -> &# 8220; Clear Browsing Data&# 8221 ;. In the window that opens you activate &# 8220; Delete Browsing History&# 8221; and &# 8220; Clear Cache&# 8221; and selects the period &# 8220; Entire Season&# 8221 ;, in order to remove the stored data. now enabled by and by your extensions. If several pages are again more slowly after the activation of a browser plug-ins, you should uninstall this extension.

If this does not help you all that you should pull clean uninstall Google Chrome and install reconsidered. Here you can find the latest version of Google Chrome.

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