OpenOffice Writer: The free writing program

Write a letter to the property manager, create a resumé, or the big homework for the university: A writing program needs everyone, but not everyone wants to buy another large office suite, only to from time to time to write a letter. but bring smaller free writing programs like AbiWord with significantly fewer features.

For example, missing templates for letters that you can do well especially in geschäftlichem or official correspondence. The OpenOffice download solves this problem.


OpenOffice Writer Video

With the various program modules OpenOffice offers the right program for every claim. As well as for writing and editing. For this purpose the OpenOffice Writer is available.

Apache OpenOffice &# 8211; The write program Writer

OpenOffice Writer ThesaurusA comfortable option for a free writing program is licensed as open source software Apache OpenOffice. The write program contained therein OpenOffice Writer brings the sophisticated features of a full office suite, so for example, spell checking, a thesaurus for finding synonyms or Word AutoCorrect for common typos.

Another advantage arises from the fact that in an office suite, other modules. Thus created with Calc spreadsheets or created with draw drawings can in texts that are created with OpenOffice Writer, inserted, or they are further processed after insertion thanks to these modules. A particular advantage of this natural scientists can insert formulas in OpenOffice Writer, previously with the formula editor OpenOffice Matherstellt.

OpenOffice Writer &# 8211; Ideal for long texts

OpenOffice Writer Screenshot

The OpenOffice Writer is ideal for the creation and editing of any kind of text

May well OpenOffice templates are used for shorter texts such as letters or standardized texts such as a resume for application to quickly lead to useful results, so OpenOffice Writer playing his own strengths only when longer texts such as domestic or theses are written should. Allows a page numbering inserted page numbers, the line spacing changed or a table of contents are created with fewer clicks. How to do that, we have described step by step in the above linked how-tos.

The OpenOffice Writer Navigator &# 8211; Surf through text

OpenOffice Writer NavigatorA special feature of OpenOffice Writer is the so-called Navigator. This allows an extremely fast navigation especially in very large documents by clear, for example, all the headings, graphics or tables are displayed (the titles having to be formatted accordingly so that the Navigator knows what a title is). Who wants to revise a table that is located somewhere on pages 50-70, can jump quickly click to the right place with the navigator of OpenOffice Writer to scroll instead of long.

the GUI &# 8211; Retro menu of OpenOffice Writer

a second &# 8220; USP&# 8221; is quasi-randomly fell into my lap OpenOffice Writer. In the early versions of open source challenger mimicked the major competitors Microsoft Word still looking incredibly exactly. The menus were almost the same structure as in Word, only some logical mismatches were improved. What began primarily intended to make transit passengers to get in with OpenOffice Writer as simple as possible, in 2007, when Microsoft Word and all other Office programs endowed with the newly organized Ribbon interface, for saving retro interface for all that did not agree with the new GUI of Microsoft Office.

OpenOffice Writer User Interface

The user interface of OpenOffice Writer is strongly reminiscent of older versions of Microsoft Word.

At the &# 8220; Retro&# 8221; -surface OpenOffice has since changed little. OpenOffice Writer has established a firm position as a free writing program in the freeware world and is still the most important challenger to Microsoft Word &# 8211; not only as a free writing program.

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