Windows 6.1 – What is it?

Sometimes you stumble within the Windows operating system, perhaps using the name Windows 6.1. Quite rightly, the question arises what this is please to be? We reveal it in this guide.


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If you let her see your Windows version, it is possible that her writing Windows 6.1 reading. What's this?

Windows 6.1 - What is it?

Windows 6.1 is the version number associated with Windows. 7

Windows 6.1 is the version number associated with Windows. 7

With Windows 6.1 Windows 7 is meant. To understand this, one must know the following:

  1. Microsoft renames his published Windows operating systems internally by consecutive numbers.
  2. Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are only the operating system names, so the marketing name.
  3. The 7 or 8 say anything about the actual version of the operating system, but rather are part of the name.
  4. Windows XP for example, carries the version number 5.1.
  5. Windows Vista has the number 6.0.
  6. And Windows 7 is version 6.1.

Now it's no surprise that Windows 7 has a lot of resemblance to Vista, except for the fact that Windows 7 just simply (supple) works without resource hungry. Based on the version numbers you can then capture similarities to other operating systems.

Windows nameWindows version number
Windows XP5.1
Windows Vista6.0
Windows 76.1
Windows 86.2
Windows 10own system

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Windows 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and Co.

Windows 8 thus has the version number 6.2, compared to its predecessor Windows 7 / Windows 6.1 is no great change - it was indeed omitted even the Start menu basically;) Windows 8.1 was then the version 6.3. Starting with Windows 10 installed build number is displayed in the version query about Version 1511. Windows Insiders can already higher number as the 1607th

Starting with Windows 10 versions are counted differently.

Starting with Windows 10 versions are counted differently.

An overview of almost all Windows version numbers can be found here.

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