Fritz: assign Static IP – Here’s how

By default, the Fritz box assigns IP addresses to your devices on the network automatically via DHCP server. However, you can also assign a fixed IP address. We show how their static IP addresses set up in the Fritz box.


Fritz box at the IP-based connection

If you do not change the settings of the Fritz box, it automatically assigns IP addresses in your network via DHCP. So you own, static IP addresses can be awarded.

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Fritz: assign Static IP

To assign a fixed or static IP in your Fritz box, making her the following:

  1. Opens the Fritz box user interface by typing their in your browser and pressing the Return key.
  2. Login you one with your password.
  3. Selects the left in the menu bar home network, home network overview.
  4. In the tab Network Settings you scroll down and click under the heading IP addresses on the button IPv4 addresses.

    Fritz box settings: Here you forgive a fixed IP address.

    Fritz box settings: Here you forgive a fixed IP address.

  5. Under the heading home network you can now make the static IP configuration:
    • IPv4 Address: Give here the fixed address of the Fritz box.
      Note: For private networks their IP addresses can be awarded in the range to
    • Subnet Mask: is usually
    • Among them you can enable the DHCP server if you want to automatically assign IP addresses in a given address range.
    • Local DNS Server: This is usually once the IP address of the Fritz box.
  6. Click OK when you're done.

After that, the Fritz box will be available at the new IP address. Give this one in the browser to log you into the Fritz box. remember also about to assign a static IP address in your Windows PC, so you can re-access the router and have internet access on the Fritz box.

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Fritz: Static IP awarded in Windows

To assign a static IP in Windows, you make the following:

  1. Pressed Windows + R, type in ncpa.cpl.
  2. Double click on your network connection through which you are connected to the Fritz box. Select Properties.
  3. Opens the Internet Protocol-4 settings by double-clicking.
  4. Here you can now assign a static IP.

So showing her your static IP address in Windows on the 10th

So you give your static IP address in Windows one tenth

Example: If your Fritz box has the IP Transform your PC can enter the IP address The subnet mask is also for the DNS servers below you can enter the IP address of the Fritz box. More information can be found in Windows 10: View your IP address. Also read how you can use the emergency IP the Fritz box.

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