House of Cards: Season 4 – Series start, trailers, episodes of action – What Season 5?

At last the time has come, now start the new episodes of House of Cards in Season 4. We have all the information about the content, the cast and the exact release date in the US and Germany gathered for you. There are also four definitely worth a teaser trailer! As if that was not enough to let the anticipation rising for the next season through the roof, there is now finally confirm that House of Cards at least one that is the fifth season will be extended further. Further down in the article also can be found information about the previously announced Season 5th

Video: Series starts in 2016 &# 8211; This new seasons we can not wait


This series seasons we can not wait for 2016

House of Cards - Season 4 at Sky Online

House of Cards - Season 4 on Amazon

Season 4: Trailer


House of Cards Season 4 - Trailer

You'd think it would be intent. In the US, just find the primaries held (and Trump has actually managed to become the favorite of the Republicans) &# 8211; Netflix and sets out to go with House of Cards in the meanwhile fourth round. To the content of the trailer we do not want to reveal too much, looks at him you best even once. but of course it goes back to violence, sex, intrigue and power.

It has long been a first teaser trailer is available. The video is like a political advertisement up &# 8211; the actual US presidential elections are greeting. President Frank Underwood advertises votes in the upcoming US presidential election in the fictional Washington House of Cards. The temporal proximity to the real elections in late 2016 using Netflix cleverly, because here too, the election campaign is slowly but surely up to full speed. And so it was probably no coincidence that the trailer was aired first in the rest of the US presidential debate, the Republicans.

The US streaming service also called finally an exact release date, even though unfortunately we have to wait a little longer in Germany probably because the rights in this country are at Sky and not Netflix. More you read further down in the article.


House of Cards - teaser trailer Season 4

Second teaser trailer # FU2016!

And now there's a new teaser trailer. This time in the guise of a video message from Frank Underwood personally &# 8211; as part of his presidential candidacy, he actually leads under the hashtag # FU2016. He praises his good qualities as a politician. The message will always punctuated by flashbacks to his criminal acts in recent seasons.


House of Cards - teaser trailer Season 4

Third Teaser: Schauft Doug again a grave?

In the latest, third teaser for the fourth season Doug digs apparently a grave&# 8230; Who did he this time killed? Or is it quite different&# 8230 ;?


House of Cards - Season 4 Teaser

House of Cards &# 8211; Season 4 & Season 5

Are there any information on Season 4 or even Season 5 of House of Cards? Do we know how many Seasons House of Cards is actually made in the end? How will it go with Frank Underwood and his AMWorks campaign? And the relationship with Claire can still repair? We have gathered all information about the new seasons for you.

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What we know about Season 4

  • On April 2, 2014 Netflix has announced that there will be a fourth season of the thriller series.
  • The new season will consist of 13 episodes.

What we can guess already on Season 5 now

  • There is some speculation about the structure of House of Cards and the resulting number of seasons.
  • A deck of cards consists of 52 cards, 4 * 13 episodes gives 52 results.
  • Thus, House of Cards would total consist of four Seasons and be completed after the next. We, however, we now know, see below, it will still be at least five seasons. And we suspect is actually circuit to be Season 5:
  • House of Cards has one or the other resemblance to Shakespeare's Richard III and Macbeth &# 8211; so at least some critics. However, Shakespeare's works consist always, you know, it probably already &# 8211; in five acts that run something like this:


Update on Season 5

Yay: It's official, we will also get a Season 5 of House of Cards: 2017 already stands as the deadline.

While more House of Cards are certainly good news, there is also something to bereichten rather unlovely: The original series producer and manager Beau Willimon will probably no longer with us.

Gives you a report by the generally very reliable website Deadline, the departure from Willimon is not done voluntarily:

I hear the circumstances surrounding Willimon's exit are not as clear-cut, and he is likely not leaving of his own volition.

A complete break with Netflix but it does not seem to be, the creators of the program will continue for his work on the show &# 8220; compensated&So # 8221 ;, paid.

Release date for the new Season 4

What we on the Release date of the new season to know:

  • Meanwhile, there is not only an official teaser trailer in the form of campaign spots for Frank Underwood in the context of his candidacy for the US presidential election, but also an exact start time on Netflix US:
  • On 4 March 2016 it starts! The exact time was 3 a.m. EST, which is 9:00 our time, the entire series has been so published on Netflix US, and indeed all the episodes at once. 
  • As with Season 3 Season 4 is in this country * be shown on Sky first, although it is a Netflix series, as Sky holds the rights to House of Cards in Germany.
  • Today at 21:00, the first episode on Sky Atlantic * to see &# 8211; un Dauch on Sky online the first episode will be available from 21 am in the stream. *
  • As mentioned before, we went originally assumed that Season 4 Premiere would fire on 11 March. Season 1 was released on February 1, 2013, Season 2 on February 14, 2014, 2014 and Season 3 on 27 February 27, 2015. There are therefore always one year and 13 days between the season starts.
  • In addition, the start always fell on a Friday, and on March 11 is another such.
  • Each season has 13 episodes and was settled when America from England, 13 colonies were first established. So there is certainly a connection between history, series and period of publication.
  • Interesting details: In November 2016, the US presidential elections will be held. So Season 4 will appear at the right time, as it seems.
  • in Germany since Sky holds the rights to the first showing, you will therefore seek the 4th Season on March 4 in vain for Netflix Germany. More on this in the next section.

Where to watch the fourth season directly to the start of production in Germany ?!

but if you want to start streaming directly anyway, so you have to rely either on Sky &# 8211; stop by or Netflix Germany? Unfortunately that does not work. In Germany are the rights to first broadcast on Sky. And more recently it is also no longer possible from Germany, Netflix US to receive a proxy service. So without Sky no House of Cards, if you do not want to resort to illegal ways? Not quite, because Amazon and other video-on-demand platforms are also offering new episodes each day after the broadcast on Sky for sale. That is, starting from tomorrow's Samstung Episode 1 will be on sale on Amazon *House of Cards: Season 4 - Series start, trailers, episodes of action - What Season 5?, Episode 2 also will do tomorrow already available Amazon, the vast consequences then come weekly. The exact time the streaming services not mentioned. If you want you can buy from Amazon directly the entire season at a slightly lower price: 25,99 and 29,99 euros are due for SD or HD.

House of Cards - Season 4 at Sky Online

House of Cards - Season 4 on Amazon

  • The new offer from Sky Online * mie The Walking Dead &# 8211; Season 6 and House of Cards &# 8211; Season 4
  • See House of Cards in stream online
  • House of Cards on Amazon Instant Video *House of Cards: Season 4 - Series start, trailers, episodes of action - What Season 5?

Currently only legal way to House of Cards in all episodes this weekend is the way durchzusuchten Sky Go here all the consequences in OV are already available. Netflix Germany the fourth season will probably be available in the stream until the fall 2016th


House of Cards - Pemieren trailer Season 3

Cast and action for the fourth season

  • Neve Campbell, many certainly known from the Scream series as Sidney Prescott, is part of the Castes for the new season.
  • However, we do not yet know what role they will play.
  • The separation of Claire and Frank will also play a role in Season 4 and determine parts of the plot.
  • Frank (and Claire) will probably get a new competitor in the form of a likewise very power-hungry couple.
  • Perhaps the two protagonists come by this pressure back together?
  • If you follow the logic of Shakespeare&8217; rule drama in which in Act 4, a retarding element can be observed (apparent plot twist and delaying the disaster), it could also in Season 4 first look as could the conflict in the sense of the protagonists, so the Underwood's solved become.
  • In the end, however, is irrevocably the case of the tragic hero, then what would be the case in this approach, in season. 5
  • In any case, so much the teaser for the latest season indicate yes to already, Doug is back on board. Finally!
  • In any case, we will Frank (and Claire?) Accompany during her campaign. Can FU Dunbar beat?


Season 4 &# 8211; Episodes Overview

We would like to you at this point a clear list of episodes of House of Cards &# 8211; present season. 4 Now, however, it is so in the Netflix series is that the episodes carry no real names, but simply numbered are: from Chapter 40 to Chapter 52, for a total of 13 episodes.

Pastime until the start

What can be done to the weekly wait to shorten something on the new episodes? We have some ideas for you:

Look at Game of Thrones of Thrones? Is not this fantasy series? The two top series have more in common than it seems at first glance. Even in Game of Thrones is mostly about power games, the battle for the throne, and removing unpleasant opponents &# 8211; but just in a high medieval world and not in a contemporary America. The timing could not be much cheaper, but will start this Sunday &# 8211; rather, in the night to Monday &# 8211; the fifth season of the series. All information to be found here: Game of Thrones &# 8211; Season 5. In the stream the first four seasons are on Amazon *House of Cards: Season 4 - Series start, trailers, episodes of action - What Season 5? and iTunes *House of Cards: Season 4 - Series start, trailers, episodes of action - What Season 5? available. Also on Blu-ray and DVD, there GoT. *House of Cards: Season 4 - Series start, trailers, episodes of action - What Season 5? Still further alternatives found in this article: series like Game of Thrones &# 8211; The best alternatives.

Look House of Cards again in the repeat

To the 4th Season you should definitely watch again the first three seasons. They not only provide first-class entertainment &# 8211; as you know &# 8211; but you can at the same time again his knowledge of the would-be presidential couple to brush up before you do no longer look in season. 4 Where you can look online House of Cards, we tell you here: House of Cards in the stream and TV. The third season without a Sky subscription.

See House of Cards at Sky Online

House of Cards stream at Amazon

Amused you that even Barack Obama HoC Fan

House of Cards: Season 4 - What Season 5?

Even old may very well &# 8211; The incorruptible

the incorruptible*House of Cards: Season 4 - Series start, trailers, episodes of action - What Season 5?Already in the 70 excellent movies have been made. In the classic The Untouchables *House of Cards: Season 4 - Series start, trailers, episodes of action - What Season 5? it's about Chicago in the 1930s. Al Capone ruled the metropolis and have dominion over a mighty empire. A young policeman picks up the unequal struggle. If a House of Cards has fallen, you will find the President's great.

Test your House-of-Cards-knowledge with our quiz


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