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With the Opera Developer Download their features can try that will be included in the beta and final edition of the browser until a future release. However, there may still be able to instability at Opera Developer.

Opera is a free web browser that is particularly characterized by the attributes speed and safety. The program includes an ad blocker and a VPN client and the pop-out function that allows you to watch videos in a freely positionable window. Furthermore, the Opera Turbo feature is integrated, making the browser faster. There are many add-ons and designs for the browser that extend these functionalities or optical adjustments. Opera Sync is a synchronization feature, which, in turn, can synchronize their bookmarks open tabs and other personal data with the Opera account, and this made with different devices on which the browser is.


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Opera Developer Download: What's new in the latest version

Note: Details about the new features of the current developer version finds her in the manufacturer's blog.

Of the Opera Developer Download contains new features of the Reborn project as a new surface, several new features, icons, colors, backgrounds and animated content. Meanwhile, these, however, are also included in the beta version. In the current version of Opera Developer some bugs still were fixed and adapted the graphical interface.

Opera Developer includes in the final version of the browser only coming, new features in advance, but will not yet stable under certain circumstances. If you want more stability, but not necessarily have to try the latest features for Opera Beta is suitable or even the final version.

Opera Developer Download: Opera Final with preview of upcoming features

Otherwise, the functionality of Opera Developer covers with the final version: The browser scores in particular in the areas of speed and security, and includes both an ad blocker, as well as a VPN client. Using the pop-out function can you videos in a separate, freely positionable window view. The Opera Turbo feature makes the browser more quickly and the program by means of add-ons and designs fully customizable and extensible. With Opera Sync can you bookmark, sync open tabs and other data about your Opera account with different devices. Furthermore, Opera Developer includes a newsreader for RSS feeds.


  • Preview of upcoming Opera versions


  • instabilities possible

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