Webvideopreis 2016: The Complete Gala (video) and all information

For the sixth time the WVP honored particularly outstanding YouTuber, Internet video artists and other personalities of the genre. With us you learn where you can see the Webvideopreis 2016 and many more event information.

Webvideopreis 2016: The Complete Gala (video) and all information

Webvideopreis 2016: The Complete Gala

Those who missed the gala on June 04, may do so on the official YouTube channel of the Webvideopreises the complete gala thanks to the ReUploads. We've included the video for you right here. Have fun.

If you want to know just who won in what category is below a table with all the nominees and the winners of the WVP16.

Since 2011 the German Webvideopreis, last year he was also telecast the first time. losing more and more important in a time when the linear television and radio, gaining at the same time permanently accessible program of video platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Co.

As the Webvideopreis has demonstrated in previous years, the videos often produced by lay people but to be underestimated under any circumstances. Many YouTubers and bloggers are already producing videos that the content professionally produced often inferior to the quality into nothing.

video | YouTuber on Snapchat


YouTuber on Snapchat

Webvideopreis 2016: anthem and music supporting Klaus Kauker

In keeping with the Webvideopreis the anthem and music backing will come from a YouTuber: Klaus Kauker, which for the past seven years to his Channel &Music training; # 8220&# 8221; trying to analyze the world of music and to explain. Of course, he has to also make music what Kauker, who studied composition at the Folkwang University of the Arts, also dominated entirely.

With his video &# 8220; Lena &# 8211; Maybe REVEALED&# 8221; he has 2012, even as early as the category &# 8220; FAQ / RTFM&# 8221; can dust a Webvideopreis. The music was composed by the WVP14 Kauker. However, he has bigger plans this year: In addition to the anthem of the gala itself, and each category should be thematically suitable backed by him.

Webvideopreis 2016: The Rocket Beans take over moderation

Actually, for the moderation of the WVP16 Christian Ulmen being considered. After this illness but, unfortunately, can not stand as a host on the stage, he is immediately represented by a four-team: the Rocket Beans.

Etienne Gardé, Daniel Budiman, Nils Bomhoff and Simon Krätschmer take the stage at the Webvideopreis 2016 and are likely to mount an equally entertaining, if somewhat chaotic likely moderation, just as one would expect from Twitch channel Rocket Beans TV.

The missile beans (V. L.): Etienne Gardé, Daniel Budiman, Nils Bomhoff & amp; Simon Krätschmer // Source: Rocket Beans TV

The missile beans (V. L.): Etienne Gardé, Daniel Budiman, Nils Bomhoff & Simon Krätschmer // Source: Rocket Beans TV

Last year, the missile beans picked by the way even the Webvideopreis in category &# 8220; Person of the Year &# 8211; times&# 8221 ;.

Webvideopreis 2016: All nominees & the winners

The Webvideopreis 2016 is over and so are the winners determined. In the following table you will find all the categories and the person or group that has been nominated for it. The winners of each category we have with crown (♛) marks.

category1 nominationnomination 2nomination 3
Person of the Year MaleRayk Anders♛ ♛ Julien BamJan Böhmermann
Person of the Year FemaleEva SchulzVegas♛ ♛ Melanie Sophie
Journalismmanniac &# 8211; Suicides in FukushimaBriefly, DE (Channel)♛ behaind &# 8211; The amazing life of Fabian Siegismund ♛
Gaming♛ Hand of Blood (Channel) ♛Mr. Bergmann (Channel)Nerdy Timber &# 8211; Blunderbuss (series)
LifestyleI&mJette 8217 &# 8211; &# 8220; YOU'RE UGLY!&# 8221; &# 8211; Stop, it's enough for me!Fynn Kliemann (Channel)♛ breedingunicorns (Channel) ♛
360The world &# 8211; The violinist &# 8211; A Marine in GreeceZDF &# 8211; Volcanoes in 3D and 360 degrees♛ Animal Equality Germany &# 8211; Through the eyes of a pig &# 8211; IAnimal 360 ° with Thomas D ♛
ComedyTWIN.TV &# 8211; WORLD WIDE LIVING ROOM (series)♛ The network ♛SceneTakeTV &# 8211; OBERUCKEN (series)
Best Video of the Year♛ T7 pro &# 8211; DARTH MAUL: Apprentice &# 8211; A Star Wars fan film ♛AlexiBlexi &# 8211; THE TUBE is (short)NEO MAGAZINE ROYALE - POL1Z1STENSOHN a.k.a. Jan Böhmermann &# 8211; I've Police
Arthouse♛ Fuck you Zombie &# 8211; Selfie from Hell ♛Partick Wollny &# 8211; Patrik Wollny &# 8211; Season 1 (series)Christian Stangl &# 8211; Hide
SportsNicolas Vuignier (Channel)♛ Sebastian Linda &# 8211; Life is a Dance ♛Mario Feil &# 8211; Pressurized
MusicAlligatoah &# 8211; Street music is no solution (playlist)Sophie hunger &# 8211; Spaghetti with spinach♛ Mhokomo &# 8211; token ♛
Commercial♛ EDEKA &# 8211; Christmas clip &# 8211; #heimkommen ♛Dorian & Daniel &# 8211; Johnnie Walker &# 8211; Dear BrotherBVG &# 8211; &# 8220; Is I do not care&# 8221; (Feat. Kazim Akboga)

For Webvideopreis 2016 Voting

The rules of Webvideopreis 2016

This year videos only be permitted that meet certain conditions. When selecting the videos that have been nominated for the Webvideopreis 2016, attention was paid to the following conditions:

  • The video must have been produced specifically for the Internet medium.
  • The video must not be older than one year.
  • The content of the video must be in German and rated.
  • The copyright must not be violated in the videos.
  • Neither judges nor organizers of Webvideopreises may have contributed to the video.

Gronkh the prize will be awarded nationally

German Webvideopreis 2016: Venue & tickets

The Webvideopreis will be held on 04 June 2016 again at the Castello in Düsseldof. Tickets are not yet, but we'll keep you well informed as soon as the ticket sales begin for the Webvideopreis 2016th

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