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There are games titles, which you can hear and know exactly what to expect. "Need for Speed" is one of them. "BlazBlue: Continuum Shift" not before. "Warcraft" in turn says a word, which is phase. And let's face it: Who from a game called "Splatterhouse"Any profundities expected, probably would be in the winter to the great beach weather. No, Splatterhouse summarizes very aptly what we get as a player: Mean monsters, massive beatings and lots of guts.

If the name sounds familiar, there is a reason: Already in 1988 Namco let her infamösen Brutaloklassiker from the stack in this country &# 8211; surprise, surprise - indeed appeared, but had to let some cuts go through. The story about the nice neighbor boy whose girlfriend is kidnapped by dark forces Rick, was basically just a hanger for what was to follow. Because Rick finds a magical mask that gives him superhuman abilities. And you had a perfect number, around ten levels long really nice to mess with blood soup.

"Splatterhouse", however, was not designed as tumbes violence Inferno, but as a glorious tribute to "The Evil Dead", "Friday the 13th" and Co. was also surprising that developers Namco relied rather less obvious violence, but on atmosphere sat. Many of the later levels and creatures looked as if Hieronymus Bosch, David Cronenberg and H. R. Giger had a single bad nightmare and created a game of it.

Today, 22 years later, this classic know only a few people. Why Namco has just straight cobbled together a remake, of course with modern graphics and contemporary presentation. What is also true for the violence: At that time, in 1988, one could hardly recognize thanks Pixelbrei and color-poor sprites. Today, in the NextGen age, body parts fly in all details through the picture. A German release, we are therefore also not experience certainly.

The rest matches the wild goings: The gameplay is like in the old 1998, a brutal mix of beat 'em up Gemansche and occasional jump'n'run deposits, in the background a blaring heavy metal soundtrack, which is likely to awaken even the last gamer who rest is soaked in blood red humors. Finished. Whether that's good, we learn early December.

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