o2 parade – that you have to consider when your move

You are o2 customer and is planning a move? Then you have a few things in terms of your mobile or DSL / landline tariff note. Here you learn what you need to do.

o2 parade

o2 move - mobile phone contract and prepaid tariff

Do you use a mobile phone contract or prepaid tariff of the provider, you have it relatively easy. We need only to specify your new invoice or mailing address.

When the contract: change billing address

For Prepaid: Prepaid: Change Contact

Also, you can not specify a new o2-Homezone:

Change fixed network

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o2 parade - DSL and landline

The following applies if you use any of these tariffs:

  • All-in S
  • All-in M
  • All-in L
  • Fun
  • Comfort
  • Complete
  • Light

If you do not know what rate you have, can you identify on the O2 site your tariff *o2 parade - that you have to consider when your move.

o2 provides you a moving checklist (PDF) * available. After clicking on this link you can at o2 your DSL and landline relocation *o2 parade - that you have to consider when your move hire online.

Incidentally, we have created a general checklist for moves for you.

o2 parade - Cable

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Important: register in time

You must o2 inform the move in time to ensure that no gap. At least four weeks before the move you must have entered the necessary information.

What does this cost?

  • Costs for DSL without a contract term or within the extension of the contract: 19,99 EUR
  • Costs for DSL with contract period (24 months): in extension of the contract by a further 24 months: no charge; for the same contract period: 49,99 EUR

take landline number

You can take your landline number to the new place of residence. You can find more about this on the O2 website for number portability in the fixed network *o2 parade - that you have to consider when your move.


You have a different plan?

Other conditions for your o2 procession apply if you use any of these tariffs:

  • Completely, completely Plus, Complete Premium
  • Landline package
  • Internet package
  • complete package
  • o2 DSL S / M / L (4 Mbit / s)
  • o2 DSL L (16 Mbit / s)

Then you have to move the telephone request it:

  • 089 7879 7940 0
  • The whole thing will cost 49.99 euros.

DSL available at the new place of residence?

o2 checks whether DSL is available in your new home. If this is not the case, you will be informed in writing. However, you can also click on a link below * even the DSL availability at o2o2 parade - that you have to consider when your move to consider.

o2 parade - folder

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What happens after I informed o2?

After you have informed o2 about the changes you get from the seller a written confirmation and all further information. Then is the use of your tariff in your new home, hopefully no more obstacles.

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