ALDI TV in supply check: 4K TV with 65-inch now available, with free delivery

As of Monday, 26 June 2017 ALDI SÜD offers UHD TV MEDION X18230 with handsome 65-inch screen at a price of 899 euros to - the first time on home delivery. Is it worth buying? Our price check shows: Other providers have attractive high-definition TVs in the program, as well as the ALDI offer has a technical disadvantage.


ALDI TV with 65-inch and 4K resolution: Medion Life X18230 (MD 31230)

The ultra-high resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels is always interesting, and above all more affordable. Especially on large-format devices is a visual treat 4K - movies and games to show as much detail that Full-HD not only in numbers but also in the subjective impression clearly draws the short straw.

MEDION X18230: Minimalist design and extensive facilities

The crucial technical drawback first: the MEDION X18230 used a native 50-Hertz panel, as has informed us upon request of the manufacturer. Higher refresh rates (about 100 or even 200 Hz) can act liquid the image that is particularly true with fast movements such as those found in sports or video games. When movie experience low frame rate of Medion should not stand out and is not a deal breaker. Passionate players will however want to reach for a model with a faster panel.

Medion promises "exceptional image quality" thanks to an MPI (Motion Picture Index) of 1200 - this value can not unfortunately compare with data from other manufacturers. These use their own names such as Clear Motion Rate (Samsung) or Motion Clarity Index (LG), based on different formulas. So can do a comparison at best within the Medion Produktpakette. So likewise from June 26 available, 42.5-inch full HD TV Medion Life P17127 only receives a value of 600 points on the MPI scale.

Gallery ALDI TV MEDION X18230

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We like at first the design of MEDION X18230, because it is remarkably restrained: No shiny silver logo on the front, just a plain dark frame around the gigantic image to two simple feet on the sides.

Important: The MEDION LIFE X18230 can be ordered only in the ALDI SÜD branch and is then delivered to your home, it is not in stock locally! is paid at the cash register, on the receipt you will find a PIN that is redeemed by telephone or online to arrange a delivery date. A return is possible within two months of purchase without giving reasons.

  • 163.8 cm (65&# 8243) LCD TV with UHD resolution and LED backlight
  • Brightness 350 cd / m²
  • Static contrast of 4000: (typ.) 1
  • Triple HD tuner (DVB-T2 HD, DVB-C, DVB-S2)
  • 1200 MPI (Motion Picture Index)
  • Stereo speakers (2 x 12W RMS) and built-in subwoofer (1 x 12W RMS)
  • integrated Internet browser, an integrated WLAN
  • CI + interface
  • MEDION Life Remote app compatible
  • media portal
  • HbbTV (2)
  • Wireless display
  • Integrated Media Player
  • AVS (Audio Video Sharing)
  • Teletext pages with 1,000 storage, EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
  • : 1 x antenna 1 x satellite, 1 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 1 x LAN RJ-45, 4 x HDMI with HDCP 2.2 decryption, 1 x SCART, 1 x VGA (15-pin D-Sub) , Y (video) Pb Pr in (YUV, AV) (RCA), Audio in for YUV, PC, AV (RCA), headphone jack (3.5mm), Digital Audio Out (SPDIF) (optical), subwoofer Out (RCA)

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MEDION X18230: These are the alternatives

Are 899 euros for a 65-inch 4K TV is a good price? One answer is not easy, because it depends on what features the user are important.

For a Sony KD-65XD7505 (65 inches) have to dig much deeper into their pockets, but this model provides high dynamic range (HDR) and a native 100 Hz panel:

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Even more expensive, but with HDR and an exclusive design of the Samsung MU8009 is in the 65-inch version. He has grown with a refresh rate of 100 Hz even fast movements:

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The Hisense brand - as well as Medion - known as price-breaker. The H65MEC5550 (65 inches) is technically on par with the ALDI TV, but costs around 50 euros more:

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Priced well below Aldis latest offer to get currently not waived unless one of the 4K resolution. Although the Medion P18077 offers the same screen size (65 inches), but only a full HD resolution:

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Conclusion: The new 65-inch 4K TV at ALDI SÜD is a good offer, but (price range usual) without HDR and only 50 Hertz native frame rate. A large general advantage at Medion is the three-year warranty, many manufacturers offer here only two years.

New is the home delivery, with the ALDI soars to a bona fide competitor of online stores - with the difference that the order but then takes place in the store. The small print: "free point of use (up to the installation site in the original box). / Only delivery within Germany, no delivery on islands not delivery to stores, packing stations and package stores. "The free home delivery is definitely better than to stand on the Aldi parking lot and not get the box into too small a car ,

Source: ALDI

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