The Division: Dark-zone bosses – card with localities

Dark zone bosses are your goal, if you want to get you better weapons and equipment in The division. Kill her, you can be lucky enough high-end items as loot back and also the rare game currency Phoenix credits. But where to find the Dark Zone bosses exactly? Our card with localities gives you the answer.

The Division buy now and explore the Dark Zone!

To organize Farmruns in the Dark Zone of The Division, you have the locations of the Dark Zone bosses know the spawn and periodically at certain positions discard coveted loot. The following map tells you all localities of the Dark Zone bosses the team shooter. With us you read and how The division makes the final test.


The Division: Our preliminary test

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The Division: Card with localities of all Dark-zone bosses

Dark zone bosses find it usually at the following locations:

  • Landmark areas (fist icon)
  • pick-up areas

Is a landmark area purple colored, a boss is there already spawned and makes his rounds. Landmark areas with white background in turn were freed recently from a Dark Zone Boss. Here other players have struck before you, and a new Boss has not yet spawned.

The Division: farming high-end items - so you get the best items

The following map of reddit-user tGryffin shows you the Locations of all Dark-zone bosses in the six districts of the Dark Zone. In addition, you can see the locations of Division Tech and loot crates.



On the basis of this map you can check out farm trails lay out and drain them. Defeat the Dark Zone bosses ideally together with friends in a group in order to speed things up and make faster loot and phoenix credits.

A Perfect farm route through the Dark Zone as a solo player shows you the following video of the YouTube channel CommanderCH. Do you follow this, can you come quickly to Division Tech and loot crates.

With us you read and how you can create an invincible group in The Division and can as you increase the weapon DPS.

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