The Division: Beginner Tips and Guide for the perfect start in Manhattan

With The Division publisher Ubisoft opened shooter friends a new game world of possibilities. Since you Manhattan Iceland with its many game mechanics might initially overwhelmed, we give you into our comprehensive beginner's guide tips on the main aspects of the team shooter, so you can start optimally in disease control.

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An hour with The Division

Manhattan needs you! The Division buy now!

The servers are online and you can now travel into Manhattan contaminated book to an agent of The Division to fight against other factions, players and the epidemic. With our Beginner's tips We prepare you perfectly on the events before and give you Guides to the gaming world, the level system, weapons and more.

The Division: Dark-Zone Guide with tips on apostates recover the objects and the DZ-Rank

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The Division: Beginner Tips and Guide for the best start

After you've completed the character creation and ends up in Manhattan, you will find that the whole island was sealed off. Manhattan Iceland is in 22 districts divided, which can explore their free at the start. Six of these 22 districts here represent the Dark Zone, which you should only enter with certain levels.

The 16 districts with normal level recommendations:

  • Camp Hudson: Level 3-4
  • Chelsea: Level 2-4
  • Pennsylvania Plaza: Level 3-5 (here is also the Base of operations!)
  • Hudson Yards: Level 5-9
  • Garment District: Level 5-9
  • Tenderloin: Level 9-12
  • Times Square: Level 10-13
  • Bright&# 8217; s Kitchen: Level 10-13
  • Clinton: Level 14-15
  • Flatiron: Level 15-16
  • Gramercy: Level 16-18
  • Stuyvesant: Level 18-19
  • Kips Bay: Level 20-23
  • Murray Hill: Level 24-26
  • Turtle Bay: Level 27-28
  • Midtown East: Level 28-30

The 6 Dark Zone districts with Level Recommendations:

  • DZ01: Level 10-12
  • DZ02: Level 13-15
  • DZ03: Level 16-18
  • DZ04: Level 22-24
  • DZ05: Level 27-29
  • DZ06: Level 29-30

You're both in the roads, as well as in buildings or drains.

You're both in the roads, as well as in buildings or drains.

Game world and regions

Basically, the game world of The Division can in three zones distinguished:

  • Hub zones: The first stroke zone that you enter is Camp Hudson on the right side of the Hudson River shortly after your arrival. Here you will find many dealers to buy and sell items. Each agent also has its own instanced base of operations, he expands throughout the game. As a further stroke zones are also distributed throughout safe houses, where you can regroup yourselves with other agents and which also as Fast travel points serve.
  • PVE zone (16 districts): The 16 normal districts form the PvE world where you either alone can experience the history and New York won back piece by piece. Here, but you can also pick up to three friends in a group Invite and play together cooperatively. Here, the group level then determines the level of difficulty and quality of Loots.
  • Dark Zone / PVP (6 districts): The six districts of the Dark Zone in the heart of Manhattan Iceland form the PvP area. You can enter these areas only through the military checkpoints or when you are climbing over the walls all around. In the Dark Zone PvP is always on and various groups of players and AI controlled bots compete for the valuable loot in the contaminated area. The loot you have to but only with a helicopter from the Dark Zone extract. During this time, you can make this project dispute other players. The Dark Zone has its own safe houses, dealers, Level and currency, which they clearly separates from the remainder of the game.

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Enemies and fractions

As an agent you start for the title-giving group The Division. This has many enemies in the form of four other political groups in Manhattan. These groups include:

  • rioters: Looters who move as bands around the city.
  • Cleaners: Armed with protective suits and flamethrowers, this madman New York are trying at all costs by the virus to free. They take no account of collateral damage.
  • Riker: A gang of former prisoners who have escaped from the prison of Rikers Iceland.
  • Last Man Battalion: Former soldiers of a private military company that wants to use the crisis to their advantage.

All enemies can also be divided into several categories:

  • Normal enemies: These opponents have a simple health bar and can be quickly overcome primarily by headshots.
  • veterans: These enemies carry extra armor and have an additional white bar on its Lebensleitse.
  • Elite enemies: These opponents also have skills that announce themselves by symbols above their heads &# 8211; For example, if they throw a grenade.
  • Bosses: Again and again, you'll also involved in boss fights. Such enemies usually have a skull icon next to their display.

The Division: Quick XP and experience points and level up farms

Combat and co-op game

The division is a core tactical team shooter and should be played accordingly. You can shoot with your weapon from the hip, shooting from cover, or even fire blindly. For more accuracy you can also zoom in, either from the shoulder perspective or with suitably equipped visors. There is also a melee attack to keep you enemies with baseball bats at bay and you have a gun with infinite ammo. Generally, should you always shoot from cover and can additionally work with silencers, in order not to betray your position too quickly.

Seek out before a shootout Always a safe cover.

Seek out before a shootout Always a safe cover.

In Koop you can also tackle bets on higher difficulties. Only in common with other here you can flank enemies and take the pliers. Players in a group must not have the same level, but you should make sure that the player does not first fantastic with the lowest level in a group to the front. In co-op game, it depends of course mainly on higher difficulties on communication and consultation. Alternatively, there is emotes, that you can use their communication.

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Weapons and character level

The weapons in The Division differ in six categories:

  • Guns (low Weapon)
  • Assault rifles (primary or secondary weapon)
  • Submachine guns (primary or secondary weapon)
  • Light machine guns (primary or secondary weapon)
  • Sniper rifles (primary or secondary weapon)
  • Shotguns (primary or secondary weapon)

Each weapon has a level requirement and you can only carry weapons that are below your character level or have the same level. Weapons are doing in five valence states depending on the rarity:

  • White: Second hand
  • Green: normal
  • Blue: Specialized
  • Purple: superior
  • Orange: High-end

Your agent has not only a character level, but it rises in three different areas on the Level:

  • Your character level determines what equipment you can carry.
  • Your Dark Zone ranking increases only in the Dark Zone and determines you can buy from the merchants in the Dark Zone which items.
  • Depending on Expansion stage of your base of operations can learn their new skills, talents and perks.

As you can ascend rapidly in level, learn it in the Guide: The Division: Quick XP and experience points and level up farms

The Division: Best Start-gun and about arms genres

Uses the consumables!

During your sightseeing, you will over again consumer goods encounter such as water, food or ammunition that reward you when used with temporary status bonuses. You can select them via a wheel menu. Keep this on PS4 and Xbox One on the pressed Digi-Pad right or suppressed in the PC version, V key. The following consumables are available:

  • Explosive rounds: Explode on impact and release damage in a small area.
  • Fire Missiles: Have a chance to put the target on fire. This effect lasts 30 seconds long.
  • Food canning: +40% on the healing effect. This effect lasts 30 seconds long.
  • Granola bar: Removes any negative status effects and protects for 5 sec new status effects.
  • Water: You strike for elite opponents + 20% damage. This effect lasts 30 seconds long.
  • Mineral water: Reduces the cooldown of your skills by 30%. This effect lasts 30 seconds long.

The base of operations

Your retreat in New York is your base of operations, from the start of their missions and their expanding gradually. After ye have freed at the beginning of the game, you have to make you mind that three main wing of the base to switch back online and improve. The three wings are divided into:

  • medicine
  • safety
  • technology

Each branch switches you gradually new main missions freely on the world map, which allow you to successfully complete the further expansion of the corresponding wing. The expansion of the base of operations brings you turn new upgrades for your agents that make it better and better. In the base you will find also:

  • dealer
  • Client for side missions
  • Your storage box
  • Use panel with information about the current situation in Manhattan

Each agent has its own instanced base of operations.

Each agent has its own instanced base of operations.

Uses the Fast Travel

With the quick trip you come into The Division quickly from A to B and overcomes the not exactly short distances in New York. however, noted that you can not use in the Dark Zone the quick trip. use fast travel: in our Guide The Division &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s we tell you exactly how the Fast Travel feature works and where and when you may be able to use.

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Collectibles: evidence and use data

Spread across the game world can be repeatedly different collectibles and reconnaissance data find that you from background information about the events and during the epidemic passed. When collecting you receive also experience and various achievements and trophies. Among the collectible objects include:

  • ECHO
  • crashed drones
  • Pages from the Survival Guide
  • Phone Records
  • missing agent
  • application reports
  • monitoring data
  • Virus reports
  • imagery

The Division: Locations of all collectibles - so you can find all intelligence data quickly

For more tips and tricks

  • The map of the world is an immensely important tool to determine not only your current position, and to select missions but and set waypoints for your team. Ye can open at any time during the game (Xbox One: Options button PS4: touchpad, PC: M button).
  • The Menu to select grenades calls her over holding down the left directional button on the Digi-Pad. On the PC, the G key simply hold down. Here you can select and each set a standard grenade from a variety of grenade types.
  • You can equip two skills your character simultaneously. Later in the game even a third signature skill is added. You can exchange at any time to suit you to other game situations your skills. We give you all this information about skills, talents and Perks in The division.
  • Decreases in the heat of battle, your health bar, can you quickly interject a Medikit, to continue fighting. Pushes it on PS4 and Xbox One, the direction key on the Digi-Pad right. On the PC, you can quickly use by pressing the V key one Medikit.
  • The Division is designed as coverage shooter and, accordingly, you should only a cover out act and take the enemy under fire. Without coverage you think not much else, and will depart this life quickly.
  • Each agent can three weapons at a time result: a primary weapon, a secondary weapon and a secondary weapon. Also note here that some weapons share the same types of ammunition. Therefore, it is best if each of your weapons has different types of ammunition. Weapons will change it in the PC version via the mouse wheel. On PS4 by pressing the triangle button, and on the Xbox One by pressing the Y button.
  • The first skill &Pulses; # 8220&# 8221; from the medical branch can mark around her enemies. These are then visible to your team members.
  • Everywhere in New York you can safe Houses find out where you can you regroup in peace. There is also dealer, Mission donor and your storage box.
  • Although New York is not so much inhabited, but you meet on your way again civilians. These sometimes have small tasks for you, or ask you about a bottle of water. Met her these small tasks, you gain their experience points and other rewards.
  • Side missions can you find anywhere in the game world and they help you make away from the main action, the order in Manhattan again.
  • random Events are bound to fixed locations in the game world and be activated as soon as you enter the appropriate area in the world. To find out where just a random event takes place, take a look at the situation Board. There are, for example, which in Camp Hudson or in the Base of operations.

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