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While other media players come when playing MKV files lack of support to their limits, it is possible with the VLC Media Player Download play in MKV files stored.

When MKV is a file format that different video codecs such. As MPEG-4, H.264 and WMV, as well as audio codecs support like AAC, AC3, MP3, etc.. the container format of under freely viewable specifications under the GNU LGPL or BSD license is developed.

Avoid stuttering - VLC media player and MKV files

Files that are specified by the MKV format can multiple audio tracks contain and in several chapters be divided. Also subtitle are used to MKV video files. Unlike other formats MKV videos in this case have a smaller file size. Although the VLC media player can play MKV files, there may be a few videos conflicts when playing that for themselves. express, by a misrepresentation or a complete reproduction refusal. If you have a high-quality MKV file with a high resolution on a computer that can only be played with a strong bucking should the VLC Media Player only be run in the foreground and all other applications are switched off for the time of playback.

VLC Media Player MKV settings
In playback problems of MKV files with the VLC Media Player changes can help in the settings

With some settings You can also slightly scale down the quality of the film, so while to come up with a worse picture, but with better performance to enjoy the MKV videos in VLC Media Player. To do this, open on the "Tools" menu settings. bottom left is allowed to "All settings show" (1). In the "Input / Codecs" (2) is chosen among the Video Codecs "FFmpeg" (3). Within this window you select the option "Skip the loop filter for H.264 decoding" "All" from the drop-down menu (4). "Save" and restart the program, the settings are applied. The MKV video should now play correctly.

VLC Media Player will not play MKV files? solution aids

In older versions of VLC Media Player can cause problems when playing MKV files. a video in MKV format with the VLC Media Player, it can not play, you should ensure that the latest update by VLC Media Player version is on the computer. Jerky MKV video during playback of MKV formats, outdated hardware could be responsible. In this case, one should consider upgrading the computer or play the video on a different, more powerful computer. An attempt to play the MKV file with another MKV compatible media player can also eliminate the jerking of the film.

VLC Media Player MKV Version
With outdated versions of VLC Media Player problems playing MKV files can occur

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